wow bitcoin addon

Looks like it got thrown on the moderation block (to be expected however)


Google cache for the interested



This project is in moderation.

[–]emfyo 20 points ago

I thought buying and selling items for rw currency was against the terms of service.

Like you aren’t supposed to buy or sell gold

[–]mods_are_facists 2 points ago

Which is happening everyday anyway..

[–]leegethas 2 points ago

But does Blizzard consider bitcoin as a real world currency (yet)

[–]Why_T 6 points ago

Anything used as “currency” outside of the game is considered currency. Blizzard doesn’t/won’t care if a country considers it a real currency or not.

[–]Ditto_B 4 points ago

Most MMOs define RWT as trading in-game items for any goods or services outside the game. It doesn’t matter if you trade gold for Bitcoin, Amazon giftcards or blowjobs, it’s all the same to them.