For this round, I had decided to bring face hunter and a mid aggro secret paladin, so I needed one more class to even it out. Tried making a cheap zoo, but lacked the dust so I decided to go with mech mage that I was familiar with and used budget substitutes from tgt on the asian fel reaver mech mage.

I felt it covered adequate bases from my limited resources.

It turned out well!

mge pala hunter

The Decks I took



tgt brewlings brackets

It was pretty tight all the way, going into 3-2, as it came down to rng and topdecks to seal the game point. I was pretty lucky with the draws.

Some memorable plays was when Tang threw out the murloc army, that became multiple 9/7 malganis murlocs swarming the board. The final game had a good equality out on his real malganis from his zoolock deck.


Against Fate I had a good start with bulked wyrms leading into windfuried frenzy from enhance. Earlier his druid managed to pull through the pinch point.

Plaatinum said I resembled another player, who wasn’t here that day. It was also pretty narrow, didn’t realize I was the only non 3-0 the whole time haha.

Pre Ro8

Met some interesting decks to start the day for this, including a math warrior.

Went up against ShaoX and Lore for this!