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Want to leave some questions for someone who will be interviewing Josh Wise?


I’m going to be interviewing Josh Wise, NASCAR driver #98 and Shibe! What questions would you like for him to answer? (self.dogecoin)

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The interview will be conducted within the next day or two 🙂

Doge Movie/Reddit Doc team, good news and bad news


Shibes! We are 99% set to be filming at Talladega and will be doing live tweeting/instagramming! What do YOU want to see/have asked? (self.dogecoin)

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Edit 2: We are very sorry to announce that we will not be filming at the speedway. We are coordinating interviews and possibly acquiring NASCAR’s footage of the car itself for a cut later–We are very sorry this occurred and assure you we were under the impression all was in place. It’s no one’s fault in particular and we are very grateful to staff at NASCAR and reps with the Dogecoin sponsorship who tried to make this happen despite the setbacks. Thank you all again, we look forward to doing interviews with the community about Dogecoin as we move forward (we planned in this thread a while back) Thank you all again and once more we fully apologize for the hopes we got up. We were under the impression we were in the clear and we should have pumped the brakes regardless.


We are reddit doc and we’re producing a feature-length documentary about reddit and a web series about redditors. We will be live tweeting at this account and posting on our instagram as well.

We would love to know what kind of questions you want us to ask and for you to engage us during the race! We will be with /u/moolah_ and potentially some of the admin team at reddit, as well as other shibes at the racetrack! We plan on creating an episode for our documentary web series, The People of reddit, focusing on dogecoin and this event.

One last unfortunate disclaimer: While /u/moolah_ /u/TheDownvot and the team (including various members of the reddit admin team) have been incredibly helpful,we are still getting final confirmation from NASCAR to be able to film (they have not presented difficulties, there are just many cogs in a machine that big). We have every reason to plan to be there and my crew and I have set our hotel and travel arrangements accordingly, so we look forward to seeing you at the track! Feel free to ask any questions or just chat with us in this thread!

To the Moon,

The reddit doc team

Edit: We’ve run in to some snags–will have updates soon, but there may be some financial barriers to the filming. Also, we are really going to be hard-pressed to do a live stream (as much as we want to). NASCAR’s regulations around media are (understandably) very specific