Just got watch and learn again so it does seem like it is a recurring quest and that blizzard has heeded the reddit thread where someone had stressed the need for a way to acquire basic packs and suggested a rolling fill.

watch and learn hearthstone mobile

This would be one way for new players to catch up, allowing them a way to gain faster access to basic packs, while keeping Arena to GvG only for now.

That and perhaps blizzard is hoping people will pay money to hearthstone with the attractive amazon promotion

Perhaps at some point they will increase the quest roster to 4.

At this point, if you get this quest it’s effective one free pack for 100g value so long as you have a friend to spectate for that win. Alternatively I suppose you could play one match on one account on your pc and spectate via your phone. Either way, the only bad thing is if you are rushing to gain gold to open another wing of blackrock mountain.