TV Appearances:

I have been on TV to showcase the Bitcoin scene in Singapore (though I have also done interviews with press for other mediums)

Channel U Singapore (Chinese Channel)

imaginary markets bitcoin channel u

This is Tomas of Coinofsale beside me at Artistry cafe, the first cafe in Singapore to take bitcoin (thanks to Tomas).

Those are some pretty low levels of Haze

The Film Crew with the owner of the Cafe

artistry shooting production

NHK World and NHK Japan:

NHK had bitcoin specials for both their international run as well as the domestic airing, but thankfully I only had to speak in english!

bitcoining on nhk

I was at the Bitcoin ATM (First two way Bitcoin ATM in Asia first covered on this site 😉 ) demonstrating how to work the machine. David is the local operator for it.

nhk robocoin

Some behind the scenes footage:

And behind the scenes footage :P

nhk behind the scenes

And the “message”:

nhk bitcoin alive and well in singapore

Times have changed a lot since then!