100k has been the milestone for a while, and the target for next month. It seems like there is a chance that it might be hit this month however!

100k would put icm at double the speed of the benchmark for traffic growth. If that can be hit this week, that might make it 240% speed. The next milestone would be half a mil in the coming months. But this is of course all easier said than done!

Almost at 75k (from both main site and youtube), which might reach 100k for the month!

Much of the boost came from the Imaginary Markets Ranking: 2014 list of Valuable Items. It has some of the most expensive virtual items in the world, but excludes say virtual properties. That is quite a way from the 2013 list, that was published in October 12th.

(This site’s domain was purchased in august, but the first non test post was to the end of september on the 27th! It would be almost half a year, since it’s now at the 5-6 months mark)
mar 24 70.8k


Further Asia’s 1st Robocoin press launch and Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls launch on the way.

So I wonder if it will be able to reach the mark…

Thank you for all the well-wishers who have been cheering the site on! It is heartwarming to have people come up to me to say that they’ve been to the site, whether it is learning about bitcoins from it or about finding out cool stuff real or virtual. Or people telling me, hey my friend just linked me your site! I have also had quite the spread of visitors too.

Thank you!