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The 2014 edition of Top Ranked Game Loot!

Breaking News: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000

Update: PAADA just sold his ethereal flames wardog for $38,000! Update 2: PAADA’s wardog made it to Forbes!

If you play Dota, have you seen the DK v Alliance matches? Or the Korean Dota 2 Cosplayers?

Where Diablo 3 Pays for Engagement Ring

Ever thought of finding a goldmine in your backyard, or an antique in your attic? Here’s a look at some of the most valuable items in games, which are actually possible for the average person to obtain if they were incredibly and extraordinarily lucky (or dedicated) at the game involved.

7) Diablo 3 Crossbow at $3,500

The Loot: Manticore Legendary Crossbow at at least 12.375 billion Diablo 3 Gold

The Story behind the loot: “This might upset some people but I found it in A3 MP1, I think in the Tower of the Damned . Waited until town to id all my rares and my two legendaries. One was a crappy Triumvirate, the other the Manticore…I calmly linked in general and asked “Did I just win the lottery?” -shineCDN

You sure did!
(for those who have never played Diablo3) Yup, its like searching underneath your couch or sofa during spring cleaning and finding $3,500 there.

What did he do with the proceeds?
The seller of this item is apparently going to use the profits to buy his future fiance an engagement ring.”
That’s pretty neat actually! All the best to them!


The number crunching:

Where legendary means something. In the december of 2012, this opened quite a few eyes with its high base damage on a 2 socketed dex crossbow, it didn’t hurt to have pretty decent critical hit damage. If that didn’t make any sense at you that is perfectly okay.

Gold prices ranged from $260 to $380 per billion there, with his confirming offer at 11.25  that puts it at $3217.5 at the bottom end and $4702.5 at the top end. A poster priced it at $3500 then so that is the figure we will go with.

Source: D2jsp, Diablohub Price Tracker for gold, Reddit 1, Reddit 2

6) Dota 2 Pet at $6,000

The Loot: Ethereal Flames Legacy series of Couriers (sometimes Dota 2 cosmetics are traded with keys, other times with cash or bitcoin)

Due to the wide variance of this particular tier, it was difficult to find a definite the trade (perhaps someone can help me out? :D) Basically the color of the flames can vary, and it applies for different couriers which leads to different prices. As dota2prices puts it: “Unusual couriers with Unique color codes are NOT listed in this price sheet. It is not possible to pin point market price for each Legacy color courier.” You can check dota2prices or the other authoritative sites to see what is a legacy series!

Consensus from forums puts it at at least $6000 however so we will go with that. (reddit prices random ethereal flames legacy at $6k-10k, with pinks going to $20 to 50k, edmw concurs with the $6000 base)

How do you find them? You can’t, they no longer drop from the game itself. They are in a sense no longer in production. Do note that ethereal flames still exists, they are just not legacy. So don’t go spending tons of quid on an overpriced courier!

So… at this point, you may be raising your eyebrows at paying $6,000 for a glow effect (but surely you concede its a very cool looking glow effect).

Well, the owner PAADA doesn’t just have 1 $6k pet, he has like a GAZILLION of them.

paada ethereal flames

Nope, not all of them are legacy ethereal flames, but he sure has a lot of them. At this point either your eyebrows have climbed to the top of your head or your jaw has dropped, but wait til you see EDMW‘s evaluation/appraisal of the inventory: starting from $50,000.


That, could buy you a few houses in some countries. Or be a grand political campaign warchest. Or a car. A few cars. Or a jetpack.

Amazing stuff.

Sources: reddit, edmw, dota2prices, PAADA

5) Entropia Universe Spaceship at $9,000

Pirate Mothership revenge for 90,001 PED

Yes you saw space ship and you were thinking Eve Online after their war recently. This isn’t though, the 5th spot on Imaginary Market’s rankings goes to Entropia Universe. Even 2 years ago they were saying the same thing. At this point you are probably thinking, this isn’t the only one. Yeah, 3 of these were sold, for a grand total of about $26,500 to NEVERDIE.

This is from the very same game that makes the news when the game makers sells an asteroid space resort for $635,000, $330,000 for a Crystal Palace station, a moon Monria for $150,000. They also sell banking licenses ($99,000 though there are cheaper), and Calypso Land Deeds (like shares that give dividends from the game maker’s profits)

In 2010, the equivalent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Entropia Universe was 428million USD: Mindark

And here is a generic entropia universe screeenshot


Sources: Planet Calypso, Pixelitis, Entwiki, Mindark

Haha, but the next one is the spaceship from Eve Online

4) Eve Online Spaceships at $11,000

The Loot: 309 Billion ISK Revenant

The Fate: Went down in a blaze of glory, making record as the most expensive ship lost in Eve Online (for now). From IB times, their valuation of the ship is at $11,118.79. Apparently there are only 3 such ships from the blueprints, and with this destruction it leaves just two in existence behind and 23 minutes of rapid communications as the $11k ship went down.

mitani revenant

Sources/Further reading:
Eve Kill, Mittani, IBtimes, PAR, Reddit

3) Dota 2 Pet at $13,000

Golden Roshan Baby Season 1 for 5500 keys or $13,000 (different seasons varies)

There’s of course a wide variance, there are some trades and offers here and there. We are going with the dota2price top end however for the season 1/cycle 1 series. At 5500 keys it would be $13,695 if you had bought it from the steam store. Forum offers $10,800 or $10,000 for a season 1 roshan exists however.


The entire spectrum of golden baby roshans can go from 5 k to 13k. The later seasons will go towards the lower end.

The seasons/cycle are simply which rounds the golden roshan was allocated.

It was given out to all 10 players who participated in setting the fastest record of killing Roshan in between each update during the [diretide] event. :Dota2 gamepedia

Generally what happened, and an area of controversy was the use of pudge to to take out the Roshan fast.

From the comments to you can see the going rate is about 5500 keys to 6000keys. One comment says that from the 10, 1 was deleted, leaving only 9 left.

And of course there are the humorous ones: “Alex Dash 3 days ago [H] hot wife, home and car [W] THIS!!! ADD ME FOR FAST TRADE!”

Oh, and remember the person who had that amazing inventory stash from earlier? Remember the picture? At the top right.

Yup, PAADA has a golden roshan too. Sure its not a cycle 1, its a cycle 3, but its still a golden baby roshan!


Keys note: While a key can be purchased from Valve/Steam for $2.49, but the street/market value is a bit lower.

Sauces: nadotadota2prices

2) Diablo 3 Mace at $14,000

Echoing Fury Legendary Mace sold for over 40 billion (which was worth a lot then)

The Story: The legend of this famous mace goes that the mace was first picked up by a random person and listed onto the soon to be shut down Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3 for a princely sum of $250. It was then shuffled down to d2jsp to be offered to the highest bidder. Within the bids thread there was a guest cameo by King Konger with 570 users reading that thread at one point.

A player named Hieven was the highest bidder at the end, bidding over 40 billion or about $14,000. (This was in the Euro servers however) From reports it appears that Hieven makes 36k euro a month.

And this was the mace he got.


1300.2 dps
162 Strength
0.25 Attacks per Second
100% Critical Hit Damage
1 Socket

For those who don’t play D3, this is pretty much the best mace ever dropped, with perfect crit hit damage, a socket, atk per second (that affects the mainhand) and relatively low fear. Though the damage could be a bit higher, its far outweighed by its perfect Critical Hit Damage roll. It is arguably the best echoing fury there even today. It has, in effect, become a gaming legend.

Its like walking into a flea market to buy a $250 artsy artifact, which turns out to be a near perfect condition faberge egg, with gems and precious metals and diamonds. And someone walking in who makes half a million a year sweeping it fabulously out of your hands, showering you with a barrel of cash. And then some more. And a champagne bottle. With truffles.

Everyone is happy, except for the person who had sold it for $250. Others were glad this mighty mace fell into Hieven’s hands and not into dupers (dupers will buy the item at a heavenly price, trade their item to their other accounts and rollback to duplicate it, making many to be sold on 3rd party sites)

Sauces: d2jsp, reddit, Hieven’s profile used to have a lot of stuff explaining this mace, but it seems to have been made private or erased

1) Entropia Universe Egg at $70,000

Atrox Egg at $69,696

The Story: Once upon a time in a universe far far away, there was an Atrox Queen (a dinosaur) who hatched a large egg. A band of desert rangers slayed the Atrox Queen, and the egg went its merry way. It was first sold at public auction to NEVERDIE (yes the guy earlier), who is probably now NEVEREVERNEEDSMONEYHAHAHA. The motherships earlier? His. A banking license? He got one at $90,000. The Asteroid for $635,000? Him too (mortgaging his house), though he parceled it off and sold it to others.

Well the egg was unhatched for almost 4 years, and NEVERDIE sells it off at public auction to Deathifier (who has Treasure Island, his $26,000 investment that has paid off for him) Its almost as if they were in helicopters printing out money.

Fast forward to modern days, the egg has finally hatched. It has yet to be seen if the prize is worth its price.It appears that new hunting grounds are unlocked: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/feffox-mayhem.9050/But whether its a resounding success or a flop, Deathifier probably has enough cash to shrug it off.

Sauce: entropiadirectorywiki, official announcement, another wiki, image,

And that’s that for Imaginary Market’s Rankings!

Currencies have been in USD, for easier reference of if you want to convert it into bitcoins’ worth 😉

Update: The 2014 edition of Top Ranked Game Loot!


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Breaking News: PAADA just sold his ethereal flames wardog for $38,000!

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PAADA’s wardog made it to Forbes!