Here are some of the most expensive items ever sold in Dota 2, though their prices may have come down a bit since then:

5) WETA and Alpine Set rough tie at $1600-$2000

Both the WETA set and Alpine set contains for discontinued items. The WETA set was from a limited run of Dota 2 physical goods that came with digital items, and will no longer enter production. You can see the shop at weta’s page.

Buying it today would cost you about $2k for the set at reddit

weta set

The Alpine set became immortal when people complained about having a cowboy ursa in the game that didn’t fit with the lore and was eventually pulled from the store. This suddenly made those with the cowboy set richer in keys overnight.

There was also a period of time were some Alpine items were conjured into existence due to a bug, but that has since been plugged. But this didn’t stop the crash in prices from $2000 to about $600-$700 now. You can read it in further detail here

4) Platinum Baby Roshan $2,000 to $3,000

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE was the social phenomenon when people thought Diretide was a yearly event, but Valve was actually planning something else. It ended up rolling through the internet pulling in innocent twitters like Volvo before Valve “gave diretide back”.

Much like the first diretide, the platinum baby roshan is a price given for the first few people to complete the event.

Note that there are also certain “free floating” platinum baby roshans crafted into existence from a bug that was quickly fixed.

You can see it’s still holding steady going over $2000 here

3) High End Legacy Couriers $6,000-$12,000

There are quite a few couriers that have seen an end of run, but these particular legacy couriers are the cream of the crop in rarity. Ethereal flames are one of the particle effects for the courier paths, but the colors were all created using an old color generator that ended up making them very rare and very valuable.

To get your mittens on one of them, you would have to be there in the early days of Dota 2, as well as being one of the lucky few to unbox them. When their particle effects were gemified however, they ended up losing a chunk of their value, as the gem could then be removed.

You can check a compilation of these old couriers at legacypedia

2) Golden Baby Roshan $13,000

The Golden baby roshan was a prize given to the people who downed roshan the fastest in the first ever diretide event. (not to be confused with give diretide) The golden version is the grandaddy of the platinum version. Similarly, the first cycle is the most valuable, with each succeeding cycle going down in price.

In the video comments, the bounty is about 5500 keys to 6000.

Unlike the ethereal flames and legacy particle couriers, the roshans retain much of their value even when their effects became gems and removable.

It has also led to a certain fusion:

1) Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog $38,000

This is the most expensive dota 2 item to have ever been sold. It is also likely to be the last. At this point, it is also probably worth only $3000. So what’s the story?

This is a particular variant of the usually rare couriers that were selling for around $6k to $10k+ then as they were in a sense out of production. There were certain shades of the ethereal flames that were particularly scarce, and those ended up fetching more.

Near the end of 2013, PAADA, owner of pain gaming, sold it to a mystery chinese buyer, probably another owner of the China pro-gaming teams. It fetched a whopping $38,000, and made news everywhere, as the priced of a courier outstripped that of a car. It even made it to Forbes!

But this was not to be for long as Steam stepped in with their gems patch, “cheapening” the value of the flames as the gems could now be extracted from the canine hosts. Possibly, it fell to the $3000-$400 range. The price has since recovered slightly, but the diretide gem patch has probably scalded the hands of many traders.


Want to see the Top 10 list for the entire gaming world?


Honorable mentions:

Nexon/Perfect World, Gold Doomling, Ti2 couriers, Green genuines like Nature’s prophet treants, Timebreaker, Dragonclaw Hook, Battlefury



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