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The early adopters

The part-gallery part-café, Artistry, was the first place in Singapore to roll out Coin of Sale. CAD Café in the trendy Haji Lane was the next to follow suit. Now, more than 12 merchants in Singapore are using Coin of Sale – including a microbrewery, a printer shop and several restaurants and bars.

Despite the Singapore government’s regulatory crackdown, Forgac says the city-state is a good place to test out his product because of bitcoin’s general popularity here.

“I definitely feel more confident running it here than I would in some other parts of the world. Singapore is much more economically free than most of the world and any new regulation here is introduced gradually without bullying the existing businesses which it falls upon.”

Coin of Sale has also started to make the leap outside the Little Red Dot. A nail salon in Chicago, an independent movie theatre in Amsterdam and a couple of Subway outlets in the Czech Republic are also now using the service. Some of these merchants found out about Coin of Sale and started using the product even before Forgac made it his full-time job.

Coin of Sale is being used by a couple of Subway outlets in Czech Republic
Coin of Sale is being used by Subway franchises in Czech Republic