Update: Looks like a Golden Doomling was unveiled!

The official pdf brochure


Probably have many people making requests of those down in Seattle!

Each day has a different daily gift

Valve is ready to stick a divine rapier to your wallet!


(Update: this is the one that has a chance for a Gold Doomling from Gold Figurines dropping Gold Troves)


Crystal Maiden, Tiny, Doom, Vengeful Spirit, Slark

New microplushies

with a chance for Hwytty & Shhyzzyrd (like the shitty wizard)

new microplushies

Hwytty, Templar, Lich, Lion, Axe, AM, Meepo, Pudge, CM, Kunkka, Undying

They look  to be far less valuable this round (while the new figurines are taking the socks off at the markets)

Hwytty is up on the market



Peaked at $200 and went downwards from there to about $75

New Plushies

These look like they will sell well, Shagbark, Rubick Plush, Plush Furion Horns and Sniper Plush.

new plushies

The Shagbark, Rubick and Horns are uber cute

There’s a new steelseries dota mouse , the Rival Dota 2 Mouse, to replace the old Dota Kana which had the Kantusa, now replaced by the Hell’s Glare.

You can probably use the same way as the old Kana mouse to “subsidize” your purchase, selling the item for steam wallet funds.

rival hells glare

Economy cards

Cards with ingame item

Imagine if they Hearthstone or Hex this up

economy cards

Gosugamers has a video

JoinDota’s Soe has a view of the queue