TL;DR -> It’s udderly awesome!

The first time you enter the cow level, you probably won’t notice, thinking it’s some Act 1 reskin. That is, until you find that you are demolishing through packs of cows!

It’s a random rift spawn, so keep rifting til you stumble upon it (on the plus side, this doesn’t require the long drawn out grind of whimsyshire)

This hails back to the cow level of diablo 2

udder chaos infernal bovine talk to the cow king

So you’ll find the Cow King, in a reskin of the jar of souls quest

Kill as many cows as you can! It gives a ton of experience, I think I got an entire paragon level from that (think I was 160+) and about 3 mil gold. Doing in Torment 1 seems to be better because it compounds (exponential scale) with every cow killed so you would want to have them at a low hp at T1.

There’s a cow princess too

more cows cows mooving

After clearing this Jar of Souls-esque map, you are in for a round of around 10 maps which is packed with high density cows, gobs and champ packs and the whole gamut of shrines. Basically the best rifts short of a conduit gob rift!

After a while you will get to face the Cow Rift Guardian Lord of Bells!

lord of bells udderly awesome many many levels to 11

You can continue clearing the maps after he’s gone for more udderly goodness.

The maps look to be reskins of the usual Act 1 maps, short and packed with loot. And health globes are now T Bone steak.

I got an odyn son off this, maybe it can be put to use again after blizzard nerfs fire (if they do)

(just made my simple elemental dps calc for android!)

odyn son t bone steak health globes cow level maps

And I had a whimsyshire map and two plans dropping earlier too

plan demon hide ponies guardian jeopardy