If you’ve played the snow globe trading cards over at the Steam Winter snowglobe event, then you probably would have heard of the much sought after Scythe of Ice. It is so sought after that it sells at a premium far and far above its more scarce ember spirit salakot. Further helping its price along, on top of the genuine status, is that the weapon model looks pretty good. It would also bring to mind the other famous scythe, the scythe of vyse.

scythe of ice chart

During the snow globes event, you can see its price flicker up and down before downtrending. If you pull up the charts however, you will see that what seems to be the first sold sold it at $28. The first person to have sold this probably facepalmed after. It hit a trending low of about $100, but once the event was over and there is no longer any way to get the genuine, the price shot back up, bringing us above $200 and bringing back memories of the old limited scythe of vyse.

28 scyhet of ice

scythe of ice offers


From the Dota Wiki you can see how it looks in game



Note that there are other variants, such as frozen (and it may be possible a normal version) which for now is not tradable

Apparently, the frozen can be found in the wraith night tribute, and the normal a normal drop.

genuine scythe of ice corrupted cursed

As you can see, there are corrupted and cursed versions. Naturally the genuine version will sell for the highest, how much lower for the rest or the future of the genuine, only the market will tell. At some point unmarketable scythes should also hit the markets. But for now, the genuine edition appears to be limited edition, and no longer craftable due to the snow globes.

It may be good to revisit the Scythe of Vyse at this point, another impressively priced (once) scythe for the nature’s prophet.

This item came with the Steelseries Siberia Dota 2 headset, similar to the fashion of the Steelseries Kana

At first, people thought it was limited edition. But the headset restocks here and there periodically.

valve steelseries siberia scythe of vyse




dotagamepedia scythe of vyse card

scythe of vyse offers scythe of vyse low scythe of vyse high sctyhe of vyse price chart scythe of vyse genuine recipe corrupted inscribed

You can see it started off to hit a peak of about $400, the heady days of secret shops and so on. I suppose what really took it down was the release of the recipes in the patch, the same patch that made the $38,000 flaming pink puppy courier into $4,000. It was now craftable, and no longer so “unique” or sought after. If you merely wanted the model you can get a crafted version.

Coupled with the added supply, prices headed south.