The Auction House has finally foreclosed in Diablo 3, 6 months from the shock announcement. Now it remains to be seen if the expansion Reaper of Souls is able to deliver on its promise 1 week down from now.

Recipes and gems were flying off the shelves, and some items were also moving as people scrambled to get their last sales out and final purchases in.

such sale small such sale aus such sale big

There was quite a bit of good deals and trades in the days leading up to the close.

But as the final day goes, the Ah was really hectic and frenetic.

Someone even managed to sell a $250 triumvirate. It has been a while.


It looks like gold flickered through the end, appearing for short glimpse at $1.75 per 50 million.


The Auction House snapped shut at 6pm on the dot.

auction house shut

And with that they were sealed.

Such is the end of the grand experiment.

And the servers look to be back up, though it doesn’t seem maint is officially over.