The excitement is building up over the may 4th Nascar Dogecar!

and perhaps 2 more races after that via sprint vote


Be wary tho, some speculators may take the chance to do some shenanigans if there is huge media attention

Don’t buy what you can’t afford to lose, and hang tight!

(btw check out the meme: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR)

Forbes nod

Forbes have followed cryptos quite well

gocoin gets a nod too (they take lite and doge)


Mining sacrifices your computer’s computational processes to solve complex problems that keep the respective cryptocurrency’s peer-to-peer infrastructure secure. “Miners” essentially validate every transaction in history, preventing double-spending and counterfeiting. For their contributions, miners are rewarded pieces of Bitcoins for transactions they have validated.

Because mining requires a substantial investment in computer hardware, energy, and time, many people prefer to obtain cryptocurrencies through exchange platforms. Currently, only the top ranking cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin, can be purchased through fiat currencies on major exchanges like VaultofSatoshi, Kraken, Coinex, and BTC-e. Not surprisingly, there are only a handful of platforms such as GoCoin that can efficiently process cryptocurrency transactions in what is still a fairly limited market.

Bitcoin transactions are like cash payments and do not require the customer to hand over substantial personal information, eliminating identity theft and chargeback issues. Some institutions claim Bitcoin is the new and superior PayPal and praise it for its low transaction costs. Recent IRS regulations denoting Bitcoin as “property” rather than currency for tax purposes will bring more transparency and security into the system. Some financial experts view this regulation as a move that puts Bitcoin on the path to becoming a true financial asset.

A Limitless Future

Overall, cryptocurrencies have a long way to go before they eclipse credit cards and traditional currencies as a tool for global commerce. They have displayed potential as an investment alternative, but are still not a must have asset class in your portfolio. In the next several years, cryptocurrencies are likely to evolve into a niche electronic currency that could become a realistic alternative to other electronic payment processing platforms.

Manchester co-op fundraising


A group of Mancunians fundraising for an ethical coffee shop and creative space have received a helping hand from the city’s small dogecoin community.

Manchester-based Future Artists Live Creative Coop was raising money to open The Home of Honest Coffee on King Street, which currently houses at least eight empty shop spaces. Halfway through their Kickstarter campaign, they were slightly behind their targets when the dogecoin donations started coming in.

Buckley said:

“Dogecoin gave The Home of Honest Coffee a little bit of extra exposure that was needed and a week later, they hit their target. It was not directly through the money we raised with dogecoins, but with added exposure.”

This isn’t the first time the dogecoin community has come together to support a fundraising campaign. In January, they raised $25,000 for the Jamaican bobsleigh team which enabled them to participate in the Winter Olympics. The Dogecoin Foundation also raised $50,000 for Kenya’s water crisis in March.

Such excite and good fun!


Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer is set to headline ‘Dogecon SF’ in San Francisco, an upcoming gathering presented by Follow The Coin in partnership with Palmer and the Dogecoin Foundation.

The 25th April event will celebrate the short but dramatic history of the altcoin. Beginning at 4pm, Dogecon SF will feature food, fun, panel discussions and opportunities to win some dogecoin. Entry is free, although donations are encouraged.

Palmer told CoinDesk that the evening of all things shibe embodies everything positive about the dogecoin community:

“Dogecoin is based, at its core, around a passionate community of users who are a fine example of how generosity and light-heartedness can prevail on the often mean-spirited internet. Dogecon is an extension of that community drive, and my hope is that it’ll bring together shibes for a night of crypto-education, discussion and a heap of fun.”

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee will join Palmer for a “fireside chat”. Dogetipbot co-founder David Dvorak and Doge4Water creator Eric Nakagawa will lead a panel discussion focusing on the community’s charity efforts.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the bitcoin evangelist and author of the forthcoming book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’, will lead a talk entitled ‘Currency As A Language: Understanding value in a world of thousands of currency publishers’.

Following the panels, Dogecon SF will break into full-on party mode, with games and events that offer free dogecoins to lucky winners. Said Palmer:

“We’ll have pizza, beer, a DJ and even a best dressed content where I’ll award the finest dressed shibe with a whopping 100k DOGE.”