Quick guide list

Bitcoin = 比特币 (“bi3 te4 bi4” the te means special, first bi can mean competition, second bi can mean coin, just right for bitcoin)

Litecoin = 莱特币 (“lai2 te4 bi4”)

Dogecoin = ??? 狗狗币???

haha maybe they can change it to 多狗币, so phonetically duogou bi, sounding closer to doge, but meaning many dogs coins. Close enough to shiba inu?

Exchange names, in case you are looking at a chinese site (western exchanges are usually presented in alphabet form)

796期货 = 796 futures aka 796

比特币中国 = btcchina (eponymous name lol)

火币网 = huobi web aka huobi (“fire coin”)

人民币 = RMB (but you should roughly know from numbers)

美元 = USD (this is interesting because it used to be 美金 in the past, using gold instead of fiat, but well we know how that goes)


虚拟货币 = intangible currency

虚拟 = xu ni, intangible