We have more details coming out in the straits times on temasek’s bitcoin experiment in its firm, that took place last month.

It took 2 weeks to prepare, and it looks like they had fun. The charities they donated to with bitcoin were in Singapore and South Korea.

South Korea is an interesting choice, which has its own indigenous bitcoin atm in seoul.

It looks like the SWF will help Singapore cement its Asia lead as a bitcoin hub in the financial arena, ahead of close competitor Hong Kong, followed closely by Japan and South Korea, two technological heavyweights. China has chosen to take a temporary pass.

Temasek has also previously looked at 3d printing.


Some 400 staff learnt how to use bitcoin wallets to make donations last month.

The investment company held a “bitcoin experiment” last month in which about 400 staff – ranging from drivers to board members – learnt how to use bitcoin wallets to donate to charity.

“It was a fun exercise to open our minds; a small step in engaging the emerging digital future,” Mr Lim said. “We are not bound by notions of geographic limits, and try not to be trapped in our comfort zones,” he added.

Under the guidance of its IT and finance teams, Temasek staff learnt how to create personal e-wallets for bitcoins and use them to donate to charities in Singapore and South Korea, Temasek spokesman Jeffrey Fang told The Straits Times.

Temasek also matched the donations, which went to the Singapore Leprosy Association; the Industrial and Services Co-operative Society (Iscos), which supports the families of prison inmates in Singapore; Beautiful People, which helps Singapore teenage girls on probation; Save the Children Korea; and Holt Children’s Services Korea, which supports orphans in South Korea.

The exercise took two weeks to put together and was company-wide because “the future affects everyone”, Mr Fang said.