Quite a coup both way rounds

I suppose this would make another successful bitcoin startup exit (relatively).

Strangely, bitcoin is starkly absent from the article.

Gyft currently also gives about 3% points off purchases with bitcoin.

From techcrunch


According to an interview with Pando.com, the acquisition had been in the works for two months, and was valued at under $100 million, but more than Clover, which exited to First Data for $54 million.

The company first launched its service in 2012, with its then iOS-only mobile gift card “wallet,” which has since expanded cross-platform to Android and the web, while growing its service to include cards from over 200 retailers.

The San Francisco-based, 18-person company had raised $7.5 million in funding prior to the acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed, from a number of investors including Google Ventures, Canyon Creek Capital, The Social+Capital Partnership, Karlin Ventures, David Sacks, Hass Portman, and others.