JP Morgan London Canary Wharf jumping, evokes Lehman Brothers, possible London Whale? Lehman Whale? few days after Deutsche death/suicide?

Update: 10th banker dead, added to banker deaths masterlist 6th dead 5th Dead Banker Update: Another banker bites the dust, former federal reserve bank Updates: name and details Gabriel Magee, 39, had worked for the bank for 10 years and was vice president in CIB Technology before he was pronounced dead on a ninth-floor roof. So the technology end Mr Magee was found on the ninth floor roof of skyscraper at 8am today The executive had worked for JP Morgan for 10 years - 7 years in London…
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Zerohedge incredulous DOJ goes for 24 year old bitcoin exchange CEO, instead of JP Morgan, or HSBC CEOs where money laundering is encouraged and rewarded, Hypocrisy

The US crackdown on Bitcoin has been long in coming, with ebbs and flows of enforcement as regulators have been unsure exactly how to proceed with dismantling the digital fiat alternative. This morning the ebb became a rising tide, after prosecutors announced charges against two men operating Bitcoin exchange businesses for attempting to sell $1 million worth of Bitcoin to users of the underground black market website Silk Road, which was shut down by authorities in September. Perhaps. However, in retrospect Charlie's biggest crime was not being CEO…
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Buffett’s baby Wells Fargo, America’s Largest Bank By Market Cap, Pushing To Offer Bitcoin Services: Zerohedge, What would buffett think?

Oh my, Buffett's baby wells fargo No faith in gold but bitcoin biatches for buffett's baby? Last year, US authorities seized a Wells Fargo bank account belonging to Mark Karpeles, founder of Bitcoin exchange , and alleged that he failed to declare he was operating a money transmitting business when he opened the account in May 2011. What would Buffett think? Well, then again, you have Bitcoin Hedge Fund Traders, Goldman Sachs, Andressen Horowitz and Li Ka Shing at the bitcoin party Wells Fargo, America's Largest Bank By…
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Zerohedge picks up on Patrick Byrne’s Spectacular Krugman Smackdown, roaring cheers from zerohedgers, and overstock support

Previously, 's Patrick Byrne had ripped into Krugman, calling him unethical, hopes bitcoin will destroy central banking, and other comments.   How do I really feel about @NYTimeskrugman? #bitcoin #Keynesian — Patrick M. Byrne (@OverstockCEO) January 16, 2014   Zerohedge has responded with glee Overstock CEO Slams "Unethical" Krugman; Hopes "Bitcoin Destroys Central Banking" Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/15/2014 16:46 -0500 Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne goes to town on Keynesian Crony Paul Krugman in this brief interview. Byrne blasts Krugman for everything from his "unethical" involvement in…
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Move over Mines of Moria, here are the Mines of ASICs

And it's popping up on mainstream media (I supposed at some point there will be ASICs for Litecoin mining too) Journey through Hong Kong, the States and Iceland WSJ CNN The Hong Kong Facility #msg3709913 also hongwong WSJ For Virtual Prospectors, Life in the Bitcoin Mines Gets Real Temperatures, Electric Bills Rise as Enthusiasts Hunt for Web Currency Email Print Save ↓ More 21 Comments Facebook Twitter LinkedIn smaller Larger By Joe Light connect Updated Sept. 19, 2013 10:39 ET Aubrey McIntosh has taken up mining in his…
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Bloomberg’s Bitcoin Matt’s gets Bitrobbed, later bitdonated, Coindesk offers 5 security tips

Basicaly, Matt Miller at Bloomberg who was doing the 12 days of bitcoins bloomberg feature, unknowingly displayed the private key for a bitwallet/bitnote/bitcoin gift certificate on public TV. It was quickly bitnapped by a redditor who offered to return it to Matt, having taught a valuable lesson, a gamely Matt took it in his stride and gave it to the redditor, who promptly donated it to the bitcharity. All's well that ends well. But remember to keep a watch out, coindesk offers 5 bitcoin security tips. Bloomberg anchor…
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(archive) Zerohedge has coverage of first Bitcoin ATM

Helsinki Unveils Europe's First Bitcoin ATM Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/16/2013 21:47 -0500 While Canada has had Bitcoin ATMs for over a month, bringing the virtual currency closer to mainstream acceptance; reports that at one of the busiest spots in Helsinki, the Finns have opened the first permanent Bitcoin ATM installation in Europe. With the Chinese shunning the crypto-currency for now but the Swiss inching towards a broader acceptance, the appearance of ATMs (like this one at a well-known Finnish record store in the Helsinki railway station)…
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Overstock Bitcoins up 6 months early (Forbes: locking 40 people in a room), has explosive start, makes it to China News and translation, Makes it to a very positive Zerohedge!

updated china news has it too ( bottom) updated with businessinsider: OVERSTOCK CEO: Amazon Will Be Forced To Start Accepting Bitcoin updated with zerohedge "This is absolutely huge news and any retail CEO worth their salt will immediately begin to look into Bitcoin adoption. I hope financial publications that missed the biggest financial story of 2013 continue to mock it with covers of unicorns and waterfalls. It’s the most bullish thing I can imagine." If you're wondering about the unicorns and waterfalls, its this bloomberg unicorn, although I…
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Bloomberg does Bitcoin with Unicorns, Reddit calls it Fantastic

update: aaaaand now also on zerohedge   The cover story, or the story behind the cover, for the cover story But actually magic purple (or pink) unicorns were on this site first (to the right), but I guess Bloomberg's unicorn isn't purple (or pink) (its the lights) and not magic. The rest of the article doesn't live up to the cover. But ah well. The last line pretty much nails it I guess “I don’t fully understand how Bitcoin works,” he says. “But then, I don’t get Miley…
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Before Yellen, Zerohedge on bitcoin crash and PBOC DDOS retaliation

for those wondering about the chinese statement, they basically finger bitcoin hackers as the ones who took down PBOC site (with DDOS) and also their weibo, and that the hackers are foreign. They take this to be retaliation for the PBOC regulations causing the selloff in cryptocoin markets, and are fixing their sites in the meantime. 央行网站疑遭比特币玩家攻击 2013-12-18 18:13:02  有0人参与 分享到 中国人民银行网站和微博今日同时被黑,网站间歇性打不开,新浪微博@央行微播 评论冲入大量比特币水军,传来自国外,估计与今日央行监管比特币造成其市场大跌有关。央行相关人士表示网站正在修复。 央行日前约谈国内第三方支付公司,明确要求关闭比特币、莱特币等交易通道。受此打击,比特币价格大跌。有分析称,比特币或将退出中国市场。 此前12月5日,央行发布《关于防范比特币风险的通知》(下称《通知》),不承认比特币的合法地位,比特币价格随即大跌。 The china source: From Zerohedge Bitcoin Crashes After China Bans New Deposits; PBOC Gets DDOSed In Retaliation Yesterday it was the US Treasury's Financial…
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