China taking Bitcoin on a dive again makes WSJ MoneyBeat BitBeat

More coverage from Wall Street Journal: - Beijing still seems to matter for the price of bitcoin. Given that Chinese trading in the digital currency has dried up considerably since the government first started cracking down on banks’ interactions with bitcoin businesses in December, you’d think the market’s capacity to be surprised might have similarly dried up. But here we are, once again, with reports of some negative statements by officials at the People’s Bank of China and bitcoin’s international price is down sharply. Specifically, today’s $40 drop is…
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36% of web traffic is fake: WSJ

One wonders just how "valuable" all those social media companies really are if the bots and fraud was removed? Via WSJ, Spending on digital advertising—which includes social media and mobile devices—is expected to rise nearly 17% to $50 billion in the this year. That would be about 28% of total ad spending. Just five years ago, digital accounted for 16%.
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Bitcoin in Financial News roundup, April Open

You (US govt) can't have your cake and eat it: property or money Forbes WSJ Bitcoin Price…to $1 Million? Seeking Alpha Blog A list of take-up (note, I think we are still far from the "tipping point", we are just at the start) Fortune CNN While he admitted that there might be institutional resistance to helping bitcoin succeed within banks that profit from the incumbent payments system, Silbert argued that the banks, "can't ignore anymore ... the conversation I'm having with banks is that believe that this is here…
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Doge Feb Roundup

BillyM2kDogecoin co-founder 97 points 21 days ago Wow. This news report is like, perfect.       I got in touch with the co-founders of Dogecoin, ex-IBM engineer Billy Markus and marketer Jackson Palmer, to ask a few questions about the lighthearted start-up digital currency. Dogecoin is on the rise in the past couple of days, with the trading price of coins up 911% over this time last month. Not just another Bitcoin spin-off, Dogecoin is notable for its community’s effort to raise US$30,000 to send the Jamaican…
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Move over Mines of Moria, here are the Mines of ASICs

And it's popping up on mainstream media (I supposed at some point there will be ASICs for Litecoin mining too) Journey through Hong Kong, the States and Iceland WSJ CNN The Hong Kong Facility #msg3709913 also hongwong WSJ For Virtual Prospectors, Life in the Bitcoin Mines Gets Real Temperatures, Electric Bills Rise as Enthusiasts Hunt for Web Currency Email Print Save ↓ More 21 Comments Facebook Twitter LinkedIn smaller Larger By Joe Light connect Updated Sept. 19, 2013 10:39 ET Aubrey McIntosh has taken up mining in his…
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Bitcoin Korea

Looks like in Korea, Seoul has the highest density of places taking Bitcoins, with Gangnam having quite a bit. Gangnam: Rental Hair Salon Incheon Dong Paris Baguette (Hey I think there's a few of this franchise in Singapore too! 1, 2, and one in tampines too I think) (it went to WSJ, cryptocoinnews and china news) Apparently, a facebook post has "a statement from Korea’s National Tax Service stating that Koreans will not be taxed for capital gains on bitcoin for the time being" (compare this with Singapore's…
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Litecoin Market Watch: Crosses 16 USD at BTC-e, 99 Yuan OKcoin, More Mainstream Attention, Bitcoin Mtgox High at 899 about to test previous levels

We seem to be seeing a west side push this time, with China being slow to follow up onto the prices (litecoin china previously). Possible guesses are widening mainstream attention, bitcoin black friday, hedge funds silicon valley and venture caps trying to get in onto the game. This is after you can take a world tour on bitcoins or take it to space. If we look at OKcoin and btcchina, they are not following with the previous divergence we saw at 900 usd bitcoin-mtgox that had btcchina trying…
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Bitcoin Travelling Couple on Wall Street Journal and Guardian (updated)

The bitcoin couple managed to travel around the world without using a single dollar or cent of fiat and just used bitcoins have also managed to land themselves into the wall street journal. The bitcoin couple were previously here in Singapore. Want to read about another bitcoin event that happened in Singapore? The Singapore Bitcoin Conference. a tricontinental odyssey taken with his wife, Beccy Bingham-Craig, 29, and a film crew documenting their travails, which started in Provo, Utah. Their mission: to live on bitcoin alone. "It's been consistently…
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Dota 2, Perfect World on Wall Street Journal Press Releases Section, Diablo 3 too

You can see ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE making its way all the way to Forbes too   As can be seen from the link here: # (but don't get too excited, do note the first part where: "The Wall Street Journal news department was not involved in the creation of this content.") Here's the screenshot if you just want to see the WSJ header and then dota upon looking further down The Wall Street Journal news department was not involved in the creation of this content.…
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