Hearthstone WoW

As one of the many easter eggs, hearthstone crosses over into Draenor with the hearthstone garrison mission. While the prize is pretty good, it does override traits. The opponents are all popular hearthstone decks, zoo, miracle (less so now) and control. The usual method is to throw onto the lowest level 90 and up follower with no useful traits. The associated meta text dealing with hearthstone is pretty funny
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WoW Token Graph Charts

Currently the low looks to be 20272 gold, (for US servers), so if you can snag around that price you have a good deal. It does look like the short term trend is towards the upside, bringing it above 21k or 22k. If you have the time to monitor, it might not be too bad an idea to shave a few 1000 gold due to its rhythmic tick tock, although there is probably no need to pick 100g pennies in front of a bulldozer! (You can also sort…
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Blingtron’s Secret Vault

Probably the best garrison mission due to its huge wallop of gold (though there is the raiding mission) at 500g. If you get this everyday you would make 15k a month, or 75% of a wow token at its low! Usually the other gold based quests are also 3 follower but only rakes in 175 to 250 gold. Note that if you have a treasure hunter follower it goes all the way to x2! (Which you can get randomly, through the inn, or Harrison Jones) With that you…
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Making the most of WoW 10 days trial for Warlords of Draenor

There is no more scroll of resurrection, nor recruit a friend that you can chain with a friend. So it's just a plain old 10 days, but your account should already have hit mists of pandaria. In this trial, the level cap is at which actually blocks access to small bldg. You can however buy the full pack and that will unlock full expansion features for your 10 days, even if you do not actually subscribe for extra months. ( if you are waiting for the tokens) Things…
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Lvl 90 to Garrison Setup takes 1 hour long: Warlords of Draenor (Alts)

If you are wondering how longit would take questing your alt from level 90 all the way to the Garrison setup, it will take about 1 hour. Remember to skip cutscenes! From the dark portal to the garrison generation will take you about 60 minutes or 1 hour. If you just want resources, you can stop the instant you finish the lumber and cull quests. Barracks and Olin as first follower will take another 5-10 minutes. Neither of them particularly affects garrison resources, although you will get to…
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Amaz amazed with Fel Reaver steal (Hearthstone)

Have you gotten your amazon coins for hearthstone promotion yet? ;feature= The first comment in youtube: JustAMuffinLover Fel Reaver: Screwing everyone over since The Burning Crusade! In all seriousness, I don't get why anyone would play this card? It's basically a "Please mill the hell out of me" invitation, unless you can immediately silence it. It's basically an all-in card in case you don't have that silence at hand. :/ The good old burning crusade days, when the Fel Reaver stomped around!  He would walk around and randomly…
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Richard Garriott (Ultima) Talks Bitcoins, Calls it Inevitable

A magic sword that someone could play for 10 hours to get it for free, and someone would buy it for $100 when they could get it for free playing for 1o hours. But that made sense because it saved the 10 hours. At peak we had plots of land that sold for $10k per plot. Like the real world, location location location. There was no way to resist the truth, that virtual items takes effort time and expense to acquire. As demand rises for rare objects (and…
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World of Warcraft gets Bitcoin Addon (Curse Gaming) Thrown into Moderation

Looks like it got thrown on the moderation block (to be expected however) Google cache for the interested :bbvtYC6x4+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=sg&client=firefox-a#t1:screenshots Home World of Warcraft Addons Miscellaneous WoWCoins This project is in moderation. emfyo 20 points 1 day ago I thought buying and selling items for rw currency was against the terms of service. Like you aren't supposed to buy or sell gold permalink save report give gold reply mods_are_facists 2 points 1 day ago Which is happening everyday permalink save parent report give gold reply leegethas 2 points 1…
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Virtual currencies used in virtual gaming worlds exempt, Singapore Authority

Great news, "Virtual currencies used in virtual gaming worlds, however, are exempted from the tax." Anyone who wants to try and sell their virtual gaming world assets, items, property or services for virtual currency would be exempt! For the purposes of Singapore anyway :P Anyone wants to try and test out the imaginary markets forum? trading is the second board (also updated with venturebeat) An interest in or right over does sound proprietary to me, as opposed to a service service supply per se. Perhaps this will be…
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