Dota 2 and Name Changes

Some flavor to the name changes 1337_n00b Something tells me that seeing how Valve not only made a whole new set of visuals, VO, animations and, I don't know, CENTERED THE CHRISTMAS EVENT AROUND IT, they might know just a liiiiittle bit better what is legally possible. That said, though, I too think that WK kinda looks like the king of the ghost army in LotR. A very, very decent lot. The names, too. But then, there isn't a big MOBA centered around LotR coming out anytime soon,…
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Microplush Blindbox and Lockless Luckbox Revisited

New Bloom Festival, with vermilion renewal and crimson parcels is out! Update: Valve seems to have restocked the store microplush, which goes for $ USD. (shipping to SEA is like about 25 USD it seems, so I guess the USD premium is 1/3 shipping). If you are in the States you can pop over to the valve store and get your microplush! This might mean a downwards tendency towards the luckbox heading towards around $10 however, taking down surrounding prices. Breaking News: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD…
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Dota 2 Cosplay Korean Lina Crystal Maiden Cosplay Windrunner Spiral Cats (updated) Busan Games Bexco

China's dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4 There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore's ACG 2013/Asia 2013 Other highlights at G Star 2013 include kpop group Apink's performance Updated with two videos from the comments Crystal Maiden's name is Lee Hyo Young, also a model (이효영 if you want to search)   Lina and Crystal Maiden seems to be models. They are joined by others who are from Spiral Cats. Lina's name is Choi Seul Ki (최슬기) (updated with part 2 from the site) Found…
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