Coin of Sale’s Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann’s Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin

Coin of Sale's Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann's Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin Coin of Sale is a point of sales solution for bitcoin and Rajah and Tann is one of the domestic Big 4 law firms for Singapore Tomas talks about the resilience of bitcoin, and Rajesh emphasises the need to engage with the global phenomenon that is bitcoin, that one cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away, for a technology that is growing incredibly popular not keeping pace would lead…
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Tomas’ Coinofsale Makes Coindesk!

You've previously seen it here, but Tomas' video is making its rounds worldwide! It has made it to coindesk, which you can see at: The early adopters The part-gallery part-café, Artistry, was the first place in Singapore to roll out Coin of Sale. CAD Café in the trendy Haji Lane was the next to follow suit. Now, more than 12 merchants in Singapore are using Coin of Sale – including a microbrewery, a printer shop and several restaurants and bars. Despite the Singapore government’s regulatory crackdown, Forgac says…
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Tomas Forgac on Channel News Asia, in Singapore, Asia, Greg Unsworth thinks governments will lose control of monetary policy if virtual currencies become massive

Tomas does bitcoin point of sales for the bitcoin community in Singapore and has been an active proponent. He talks about how bitcoin take up in Singapore has changed, and has been getting more prevalent. Greg Unsworth & Tomas Forgac Greg Unsworth hails from Price Waterhouse Coopers Singapore. He believes in a currency for the online world, which classical systems have not been able to achieve. Thinks governments will lose control of monetary policy if virtual currencies become massive (takes over on a massive scale) The clip is…
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Bitcoin POS has rebranded to Coin of Sale, Singapore, Asia

Post by Bitcoin Singapore. Tomas Forgac, who has been doing bitcoin point of sales solution in Singapore for free as well as making advances in bitcoin acceptance in Singapore (and appearing on TV, Channel News Asia), has rebranded his point of sales system as well as a premium component. His website can be found at FEATURED IN "We have been testing Coin Of Sale in one of our outlets for a month now and are so happy with it, that we're rolling it out to others as well"-…
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Have Bitcoin, will Travel, local english and chinese coverage on Life on Bitcoin’s Bitcoin World Tour and final pitstop in Singapore and roundup

(want to read about the bitcoin conference in Singapore?) Just a few days ago on the friday that has passed (1st of November), the Craig couple (or bitcoin couple) have spent the past 100 days, crossing continents, countries, sovereigns, jurisdictions without spending dollars or fiat. They've made their way from Utah, America to Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany to Singapore, Singapore. The bitcoin couple's blog: The kickstarter was to pay for the film crew, where they will be handling the documentary of their pretty incredible journey. Proof of…
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