Boom and Bloom: After Silentshibe comes DogeGuardian (someone took out a dogecoin ad in guardian, but it was just Doge instead of Dogecoin after all)

gcruzattomiddle-class shibe 128 points 5 hours ago Notice it's in the business section. Such good placement FictitiousPulp 55 points 3 hours ago Very official. nodnodwinkwinkpoor shibe 39 minutes ago More legitimate than Zimbabwean dollars now. chargingfunguspoor shibe 20 points 3 hours ago Financial section, even. But aww (its 50k pounds of advertising space though) Much confused? The mystery doge ad in the Guardian's financial pages A doge ended up on page 27 of the Guardian after the startup DueDil won the advertising space – and decided it did…
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