Interpol Starts Virtual Currency in Singapore

In the latest uptick for bitcoin, Interpol gets in the game by creating their own virtual currency as a sandbox to test the technology: ;utm_medium=web THE new Singapore-based Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) has created its own cryptocurrency in a bid to better combat crimes involving virtual currencies such as the bitcoin. The complex, which became fully operational earlier this week, houses the international police's first digital crime centre and cybercrime research and development capabilities. Speaking to The Straits Times on the sidelines of the biennial security…
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Singapore Mall Travails: Katong 112

112 used to be Katong Mall, and when it was purchased and rebranded by Perennial, it had quite the surge of traffic. (It used to be a relatively empty mall filled with tuition centers) But it seems the existing fengshui of the location was also itself perennial. Would it be temporary? Or just a small indication of the bigger island itself. You can see the shops undergoing a "reshuffle". A very optimistic coming soon. At some point there would be replacements as rentals adjust, but there are 12…
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Temasek describes its Bitcoin Experiment, donated to Singapore and South Korea via Bitcoin: Straits Times

We have more details coming out in the straits times on temasek's bitcoin experiment in its firm, that took place last month. It took 2 weeks to prepare, and it looks like they had fun. The charities they donated to with bitcoin were in Singapore and South Korea. South Korea is an interesting choice, which has its own indigenous bitcoin atm in seoul. It looks like the SWF will help Singapore cement its Asia lead as a bitcoin hub in the financial arena, ahead of close competitor Hong…
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Marc Faber: Bitcoin has its merits since you may not be able to carry gold across border (but picks gold: Squawkonomics)

Epic scoop by squawkonomics on Marc Faber's take on bitcoins and gold (Marc Faber is from gloom and doom report fame, or Dr Doom) Squawkonomics was in Thailand at Marc Faber's office to conduct the interviews as well as a few others (they were previous with imaginary markets here in Singapore)  
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Has Numoni exited Bitcoin?

There had been rumors that numoni bitcoin ATMs in Malaysia were pulled. Now, in Singapore, it seems that the numoni bitcoin atms that were rolled out no longer dispenses bitcoin but are telco topup machines. A search on their site also reveals no trace of bitcoin. Was it over-congestion of 8 atms in a city? Or perhaps something else?  
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Singapore, the 14th Century Silk Road of the Sea

Singapore has in its deep roots of history a cosmopolitan hub, as a tiny but connected island linking the east and the west. I think this account has been slowly making its way into the new textbooks. The world's biggest physical coin, of considerable age too, has been found in Singapore. Apparently the size was a sign of wealth. I guess this era was just before the Zheng He trip emphasis added in bold TO THOSE who know Singapore as a thriving modern city, relentlessly striving towards the…
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Coinpip 37coins SMS bitcoin wallet tieup on Techinasia

Coinpip is one of the two payment solutions in Singapore. It also has a presence in Hong Kong, and focuses on Asia. (Coinofsale has just "landed" in Bangkok) Daniel Tay at Techinasia The authorities have always feared the unknown, with governments and major banks opposing and seeking to regulate Bitcoin. But enthusiasts seem to remain unfazed. Case in point: Singapore Bitcoin payments system startup CoinPip has just brought US-based 37coins’ SMS bitcoin wallets to Singapore. The Bitcoin point-of-sales company hopes to then expand throughout Asia thereafter, starting with…
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Bitcoin Rise in Singapore, Lowercase

Rise Bitcoin took place at Singapore's Lasalle's Lowercase, a picturesque place in the heart of the city. It featured speakers from HK, and popped over to Singapore to share and introduce newcomers to bitcoin. Tomas, the organiser, also provided the point of sales solution to most of the merchants there (coinofsale) This event is different in more ways than one, as it catered mainly to newcomers. The timing was in the early afternoon, a change from the usual evening time bitcoin meetup events. The crowd was very different,…
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