TI 4 secret shop looks to fill Valve’s overflowing coffers

Update: Looks like a Golden Doomling was unveiled! The official pdf brochure Probably have many people making requests of those down in Seattle! Each day has a different daily gift Valve is ready to stick a divine rapier to your wallet! Demiheroes (Update: this is the one that has a chance for a Gold Doomling from Gold Figurines dropping Gold Troves) Crystal Maiden, Tiny, Doom, Vengeful Spirit, Slark New microplushies with a chance for Hwytty & Shhyzzyrd (like the shitty wizard) Hwytty, Templar, Lich, Lion, Axe, AM, Meepo,…
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“Discounting” Steelseries Dota 2 Gaming Mouse Kana

Update: TI4 has a new dota mouse, with Hell's Glare item Want to learn more about dota 2 microplushies and lockless luckboxes? Republished from Bubbleweave Successful Sale of the Kantusa Script Sword in the Dota 2 Marketplace: So one of the promotional methods Valve has for Dota 2 is to sign up with makers of peripherals or even their own valve/steam store to offer promotional digital items alongside real products (or virtual products such as tournament access or compendiums). So you may know/heard of the Genuine Scythe of…
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