Xiaomi hits 45B valuation, raises 1B

So many Bs. According to the Wall Street Journal, xiaomi just raised another 1 billion in its latest financing round to hit a valuation of 45 billion. HONG KONG—Xiaomi Corp. is raising more than $1 billion in its latest round of funding, valuing the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker at more than $45 billion and making the company one of the most valuable technology startups in the world Techcrunch has this to say: The WSJ’s report of Xiaomi’s latest fundraising and valuation follows confusion over exactly how much money…
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Xiaomi’s $169 Redmi sells out in 7 minutes in Singapore, Asia

Xiaomi is known for their marketing technique in China where they will sell a model at very limited supply so it goes out of stock in a minute or a few minutes, thus making the news. It has built quite a branding and name for itself (their fans are called mifen, so perhaps the local equivalent would be beehoon), and has recently expanded to Singapore (Singapore's SWF Temasek holdings, being one of its shareholders) Redmi is their entry offering at $169, which is a smartphone without 4g or…
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