Legendary or Rare? Slot selection (RoS)

Since Adventure mode, as well as your plans give you a small measure of control and "targeting" of legendaries, here are some things you can keep in mind. As a loose guideline, there are items that can go into trifecta and then there are the rest, which tends to be stat sticks. For the stat sticks, generally, legendaries will outperform with a simple roll. For the potential trifectas however, you will be sticking with the yellow for a while until you get a well rolled legendary. Weapon: Weapon…
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Starfish Uberlewt: Mirrorball Conflagrate Magic Missile (1.5m dps)

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! The mirrorball combo takes down Ghom on Torment 2 in 20 seconds on mil dps. At 400m hp that's maybe 20m dps per second? Apparently the burn stacks all the way. It does more damage than arcane spenders, and you can do it infinitely as it has no resource cost! Explosive blast is just a bit extra since it doesn't take a cast cycle, plus I was using an Andariel's. Also tested using the usual arcane torrent and…
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d3agl3uk d3 reaper of souls difficulty magic find leg table, mats buff

#103 Posted by Vaneras 03/04/2014 07:16Posted by NYARLATHOTEP Remember, legendaries are rare drops; acquiring them through crafting, should be almost as rare as dropping them. Craftable legendaries should not be common in comparison to dropped legendaries, so what you say is quite true. It should be said though, that we are looking at the drop rates of the legendary crafting materials, because we feel that these may possibly be a tad too low right now. Alright, as I mentioned yesterday, we are looking into the drop rates of…
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Bitcoin Cameos in Blizzard’s Aprils Fool

Wirt (Entrepreneur) Just trying to make enough money to purchase controlling shares in another caravanning outfit. Persistent chatter suggests that he is Belial, the Demon Lord of Lies. Hates: Cryptocurrency, Reasonable Shoppers Basic Move: Ascending The Crystal Staircase  —   (↑↓↑↓↑↓↑↓ + hold ↑) Advanced Move: Untimely Vendition  —   (rapid tap Red + Blue + Emerald + Verdigris as they light up; opponent must swipe to purchase items from you)
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Torment Farming Wizard Arcane Torrent Cascade Build (Nephalem Rifts)

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! Running at about 700kdps/7mil toughness to 800kdps/8mil toughness (standing buff for wiz) Currently the popular usage is frozen orb or disintegrate or arcane torrent. Tried all 3 before settling on arcane torrent (less of my playstyle compared to the other). It takes a bit of getting used to due to the delayed hit, but you can chain it with an immobilizer. I used Frost magic missile. Cascade is good as it frees up extra hits on kill. Just…
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Reaper of Souls Week 1 Highlights, Conduit Goblin Pylon

I ran into a pack of goblins in a Rift, with the Conduit shrine, the dream. () submitted 2 days ago* by fawcanzoidberg#2453 Conduit Pylon* Sick ammy My best Amulet drop ever () submitted 4 hours ago by yb0t No reroll yet, i'm assuming reroll the arcane resist since that's not needed anymore? Sorry my pc woudln't printscreen whilst holding ctrl for some reason. A perk of 2h Maximus Summoning Rift Guardian with massacre  
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Crusader in Reaper of Souls Impressions

Crusader is a pretty fun play, since quite a bit of the signature moves are learned by 15. You get the movement speed charging steed that really lives up to the Knight/Paladin/Crusader mythos, and then you get the 2 handed weapon 1 hand wield with a shield, and you get two ranged hammers including blessed hammer that allows you an early Hammerdin! You can really just charge in the fray and land lightning and holy swinging your shield and weapon around. Later you get Captain America style shield…
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Nephalem Rifts from Adventure Mode

Nephalem Rifts are the cool new random end game dungeons in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls! You have to do a bit of Adventure mode for the rift keys, you also get a horadric cache for completing 5 in an act Bloodshards can be used for gambling at Kadala Gheed style. With 5 nephalem rift keystones you can open a portal The Maps can be incredibly random, like this short map: There seems to be a high loot drop in the rifts Torment isn't necessarily the best place…
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Easy Wizard Malthael Farming, Black Hole EH sucks in his attacks (fight spoilers)

If you glyph black hole with event horizon, it seems Malthael is counted as an elite and event horizon simply sucks in the bulk of his most dangerous attacks! Update: Easy malthael on torment This makes it easier to farm for the buggy (reduced drop rate bug) Reaper's Fear for the malthael craft. Items The drop chance for the Reaper's Fear crafting reagent is currently too low. Wizard has another skill helpful for malthael. Black Hole event Horizon sucks in the Touhou style green projectiles in phase 1,…
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