Diablo 3 2.05 Live!

Looks like crusader has the most changes with demon hunter the least Teleport improved for wizard again! Archon get elements including fire archon combustion Existing legendary orbs buffed Black damage fixed, +% damage +10% damage Kadala can now drop Torment only legendaries (you can start spending blood shards now!) GENERAL Increased the radius of "Strength in Numbers" (multiplayer buff) from 100 to 200 yards Gold Find on items will now stack multiplicatively with the Gold Find bonus provided from game difficulty This significantly increases the gold reward most…
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Diablo 3 Bounty Horadric Cache Buffs for 2.05, forgotten souls separate drops from legs, 2.1 Previews, Ladders Seasons, Tier Rifts, Devs on AH

Looks like Caches will be able to drop Torment only items, such as sets! And doing it on a higher level will give bonus #20 Grimiku Community Manager As a heads up, we’re looking to make two changes to Horadric Caches. The first change is to allow the caches to drop Torment-only Legendary items. The second is to increase the chance that you’ll find a Legendary item in Horadric Caches, including Act-specific Legendaries like the Royal Ring of Grandeur, based on the Torment difficulty. What this means is…
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Imaginary Markets Experiments Launch: Diablo 3 Elemental DPS Calc, coded my first app!

My first attempt at coding something out! Thanks JL for the debugging and coaching! It's a simple no frills calculator for modified dps. You can just key in your sheet dps and elemental dps and out it goes! It's for those situations where you suddenly land yourself uberlewtz legendaries like magefist or burning axe of sankis It's my first time coding, so it's a pretty simple calculator. Generally should suffice for elemental modifiers. Look at the in game dps (can press i and see dps) then key it…
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There is no Cow Level: Blizzard’s Cow Level Review (Nephalem Cow Rifts)

TL;DR -> It's udderly awesome! The first time you enter the cow level, you probably won't notice, thinking it's some Act 1 reskin. That is, until you find that you are demolishing through packs of cows! It's a random rift spawn, so keep rifting til you stumble upon it (on the plus side, this doesn't require the long drawn out grind of whimsyshire) This hails back to the cow level of diablo 2 So you'll find the Cow King, in a reskin of the jar of souls quest…
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Black Weapon +% damage getting fixed (maybe retroactive)

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! For those of you with those non black weapons, and deciding between ias and +10% damage I guess elemental still rules the roost, pending the elemental reshuffling #164 "+%Damage" and "+(X-Y)<element>" Tsarnis Quality Assurance Hi Guys, I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we have a potential fix in place for this internally and it is currently looking like this fix will retroactively apply to existing weapons. While we will not be able…
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Incoming Nerfs for Uberlewt Shard of Hate

It looks like Barbarians and then Monks will be more affected. Nevalistis Community Manager As with other recent hotfixes, we’ve got one coming up shortly that we wanted to give the community a heads up about, this time regarding the legendary Shard of Hate. We’ve been closely observing our internal reports as well as player feedback on the Shard of Hate and the general consensus is that this item feels wildly out of line compared to other items. After digging in behind the scenes, we discovered a couple…
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By Kadala’s Will, Serpent Sparker

Update: Serpent Sparker in action (rolled 10% damage into it, waiting for patch buff) Relatively Picturesque I guess! Did a rift on t2, had 2 legendaries, bought from Kadala and got another two legendaries. Then it dried up after that lol Still waiting for Kadala to drop a Wand of Woh, or a Shard of Hate! Not sure what build for an extra Hydra, but it will at least remain disenchanted for a day where blizzard changes the FOTM (flavor of the month) to hydra. You can also…
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Starfish Uberlewt Feature: Shard of Hate, most sought after Reaper of Souls weapon

Update: Shard of Hate nerfs, Barbarians and Monks dual wielding will be more affected. Shard of Hate is the new best weapon in the game right now (the new echoing fury), and it was created by the community modeled after Mephisto. Its proc deals a heapload of damage. And it allows you to do far more damage than you normally would on an enormous scale. A barb reaches 100mil dps on just under 1 mil sheet dps, but using cooldown based skills too Warning: Expletive in video, put…
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D3 RoS Coverage Compilation

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! Gearing General Trifecta v +elemental/skill Leg v Rare Adventure specific legs Rerolling Wizard Farming Legendaries Rifts and Kadala Starfish and Uberlewtz (legendaries in focus) Irontoe Mudsputters Mirrorball Conflagrate Wand of Woh Crafting To craft or not to craft Recipes and mats Bonus
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