Bitcoin and Paypal

Mixed David Marcus, President of PayPal goes on twitter to say PayPal are believers of BTC - wow () submitted 1 hour ago by BrainDamageLDN @davidmarcus: To clarify: we have no policies against using PayPal to sell Bitcoin mining rigs. We don't support any currency txn whether fiat or @davidmarcus: ...for a host of regulatory issues. But we treat BTC and any FX txn the same way. We're believers in BTC though. SecretEmperor 7 points 1 hour ago Links to original tweets: Previous Paypal: The original paypal crew…
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Li Ka Shing joins the Bitcoin Party

Li Ka Shing has been said to have entered the Bitcoin scene, investing in BitPay via Horizon Ventures, which is know for its "Facebook, Waze, Skype and Summly" bets. BitPay is similar to Paypal and Coinbase, and has similarly been recipient to substantial and numerous funding. Some say that its due to technology giants wanting to shove a pickaxe into the banking sector famous for vampire squids. Elon Musk has said previously that he had hoped for paypal to do something more, to have challenged the banks. Plenty…
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