D.Va announcer portrait for blizzcon goodiebag

The blizzcon bag for starcraft 2 would be themed from overwatch (adding extra meta): is coming to StarCraft II! We’re excited to reveal that the cache of StarCraft II’s in-game goodies, available for BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, will consist of a new announcer and portrait! In the coming weeks, will join the cast of six other announcers we released with Patch —and she’s the first announcer whose origins lie outside the realm of StarCraft II lore! Although is known most recently for her activities within the…
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Celebrate Halloween with Overwatch Junkenstein, and the much awaited Halloween Witch Mercy

As seen, Mercy would be the most sought after skin followed by some close contenders. For the halloween season, they can be purchased at 3 times the usual cost, after which presumably it will be closed til next year. 3000 credits / gold Witch Mercy Dr Junkenstein Pumpkin (reaper) Junkenstein's Monster (roadhog)  
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