Korea Bitcoin Exchange KorBit gets $400000 from Silicon Valley, hits China news coverage, In other news 20 million Korean bank users data leaked | Korbit收到硅谷风投公司40万美元

Korea looks to be hitting up in the bitcoin scene, and looks to be going one step up from Bitcoins at Korea's Paris Baguette bakery, Gangnam salon and rental. The Verge reports that KorBit has taken $400k in funding from silicon valley investors, and more importantly, is also Government Backed. This may indicate Korea has come a full reversal from their initial reticence in dealing with bitcoins to embracing it. (Similar to the Singapore Bitcoin Story? Singapore bitcoin related startups such as gocoin and itbit have been privy…
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“Discounting” Steelseries Dota 2 Gaming Mouse Kana

Update: TI4 has a new dota mouse, with Hell's Glare item Want to learn more about dota 2 microplushies and lockless luckboxes? Republished from Bubbleweave Successful Sale of the Kantusa Script Sword in the Dota 2 Marketplace: So one of the promotional methods Valve has for Dota 2 is to sign up with makers of peripherals or even their own valve/steam store to offer promotional digital items alongside real products (or virtual products such as tournament access or compendiums). So you may know/heard of the Genuine Scythe of…
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