Bitcoin’s Weekday Weekend Dichotomy and the nature of bitcoin as the only alive weekend market

I think there has been an observation that Bitcoin prices goes up on weekdays and go down on weekends (and litecoin follows) Possibly, what accounts for this is entirely my conjecture, but is simply that hedge funds, venture caps, funds and even banks live on a 5 day week, while bitcoin is a perma online market 24/7 for 365 days a year. Miners are also consequently "perma mining". Or to put it another way, if you are working a 9 to 5 job, how many times have you…
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2014: China coming back online, and back into the game? Mtgox at 1000 once more

Update: 796 above 1125, mtgox held above 1000 So we have had wall street getting into the game as one year closed and another begun, even having a junior bitcoin trader role. China, which has in 2013, pretty much single handedly raised bitcoin to 1200+ highs with American hedge funds gleefully following along, has also pretty much single handedly cleaving it into thirds in a matter of days, dropping to lows of $300-$400+ on certain exchanges. Having bounced back to a tenuous $700, we have it testing and…
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Bitcoin and Litecoin Market Watch Today! BTC-mtgox breaks 1000 USD Bloomberg Telegraph, Litecoin high 29.7 USD, on zerohedge, Brit throws away £4m Bitcoin Harddrive

First the snaps We can see new highs across categories. Bitcoin takes out the 1000 usd mark in mtgox beating its previous high of 900 USD. (China's high is about 7k yuan). LTC has also broken a new high at USD, as well as its china okcoin high at 170 compared to 154 yuan. This push looks to be mainly from the west, as you don't see the usual China spread far above the west side prices. 1000 USD breaker on mainstream news Bloomberg The price of Bitcoin…
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Bitcoin Market Watch: What a ride today

So first we had Zerohedge reporting on bitcoin crossing 1100 USD in BTCChina via Yuan conversion, hitting almost 7k CNY/RMB. And then there was the wave crash down, shaving off about 500 USD in the China side. Mtgox went from 900 peak to 500 low. And you had the back and forth a few times. So much that Business Insider Joe Weisenthal made a new article: Bitcoin Just Crashed For The Fourth Or Fifth Time Today Spectacular Highs, Spectacular Lows? Yup, Allllll in a days work at Bitcoin…
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