A Resolution to Goxxed Saga?

Bitcoin traders settle class actions over failed Mt. Gox exchange By Tom Hals Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:40am EDT (Reuters) - and Canadian customers of failed Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox have agreed to settle their proposed class action lawsuits that alleged the company defrauded them of hundreds of millions of dollars. The class action plaintiffs agreed to support a plan by Sunlot Holdings to buy the shuttered exchange and accept their share of bitcoins still held by Mt. Gox, according to a statement and court filings.  …
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China’s Magic to Bitcoin’s Magictgox?

Magic (hmm the bloomberg ticker for maple tree greater china commercial trust is magic too) (so I guess you have to search the CITIC) "Magic" Collateral: A Frank Look At The Sheer Credit Horror About To Be Unleashed In China Recall that as we have repeatedly shown in the calendar of coming Chinese bond default, on March 31, a borrower named "Magic" (no comment) is set to default on a CNY196 million Trust. The default may or may not happen, as there is always a high likelihood it…
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Mtgox coin movement, coins down, more gox controversy

While the press is focused on Satoshi, 180,000 bitcoins with links to Mt. Gox are on the move. () submitted 1 day ago* by WalterWhiteRabbit Keep your eyes on the blockchain, people. Expand the tree all the way by double clicking on the orange circles, to see how the 180,000 bitcoins have been broken down into various smaller wallets. And all overnight in the USA while the press is focused on Karpeles inside job? Where are my blockchain detectives 2) There is evidence that Bitcoin Foundation board members…
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Japan to Treat Bitcoin like Gold? Mizuho found MtGox unmanageable

Rakuten and bitcoin But Hiroshi Mikitani, a prominent Japanese e-commerce billionaire and CEO of Rakuten Inc, expressed caution about trying to regulate the virtual currency. "They should not act hastily," he said, according to Kyodo News. "As for whether we need regulations, they should first examine the situation a bit more and discuss it in depth." Following the collapse of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, Japanese regulators are laying down the law -- and considering treating the digital currency in the same manner as gold. According to Reuters, the…
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MtGox Gone, World takes notice

For all the fallout from the collapse of mtgox, which has by now receded back into highs from ukraine, the media fanfare and attention has served to bring new publicity to bitcoins. Its antifragility makes it such that any news, bad news or good news, are all good news, bringing the word out to world. Roger Ver, a big investor in Mt. Gox, said he did not know if he would ever get any of his lost bitcoin back. "But the important thing to realize is that Mt.…
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Bitcoin: Mtgox on the mend on reddit rumors of successful withdrawals, pops from $90 low to test $290, lifts other exchanges along, “goxcoin”

(h/t cj) The much lambasted mtgox has jumped back into the 200s after falling from 3 digits to 2 digits following the transaction malleability incident, the first update of stuff not fixed, and the second update of the update that stuff still was not fixed. Prices have fired up however with a reddit thread that shows successful withdrawals from mtgox going through, indicating that it may be possible that there is some sort of unclogging. (perhaps mtgox will survive another near death again?) Be careful though! It may…
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MtGox continues descent, brings bitcoin exchange prices crashing down with it (500 usd mark) Transaction Malleability v Double Spending

You can see the sharp dump Litecoin survives and Dogecoin was previously rising but has gone back down Reddit discussions: Keep calm, transaction malleability is not double spending () submitted 53 minutes ago by malefizer It is well known since years and means only that you have a different transaction ID than your service is showing. At the end you should see the exit at your spending address an usual, only with another tx id. What does it: somebody on the network sees your tx and makes a…
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