Forbes picks up on the Mining Wars: Nvidia Is About To Steal The Cryptocurrency Mining Crown From AMD

(confer however with the ati curse mentioned earlier regarding the 750ti) and as my friend pointed out, with a high tier maxwell in the wings, it may be that the cost savings would not make up for capital switch costs til we have an idea of the maxwell high tier data. (But if you were already going for the 250 to 270 ATIs, then it may make sense to swap straight to the 750 ti now) It will be pretty impressive if the high end maxwell can even…
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Mining Chasis Dopamine on Indiegogo, too bad indiegogo doesn’t accept bitcoins or litecoins

Someone is trying to crowdfund a casing for multiple cards It has currently reached 14k out of 20k target on indiegogo A pity indiegogo doesn't accept bitcoins or other cryptocoins as a funding source. It isn't the only one however, as kickstarter also does not accept cryptocoins.   Who is Red Harbinger? We are a veteran owned and operated group of guys from all over the world who are very passionate about breaking the limits of what is currently offered in the computer case market.  Most people who…
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Nvidia challenges ATI in cryptocoin mining with 750ti, may take on ATI’s curse of success as people mine over titanfall, reduces ASICs edge from 14x to 7x, may be 3x-4x more power efficient than existing gfx cards

Nvidia has unveiled its GTX 750 ti, its budget graphics card at $149 that is supposed to play Titanfall better than the Xbox One. But this card is making waves for cryptocoin miners not because of its Titanfall gaming capabilities, but because it should be able to reach 300 kh/s at a wattage draw of 60w. Assuming the numbers hold, this makes it the best graphics card by power efficiency to mine litecoins and dogecoins at the moment (scryptcoins) and also the other ASIC proof encryption algorithms (…
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Dec 12 Bitcoin Meetup Singapore, Asia

The Next Bitcoin Meetup is on 13th February Bartini,29 Boon Tat St 46 Club Street (place change) 12 Dec Bitcoin Meetup Singapore Haha this is long overdue, but there was a bitcoin meetup on Dec 12 last year. There was actually even a BBC film crew, but I don't think the footage they took made it to the news. Maybe it ends up in their stock footage. it took place at Mariko's, under a chain that also takes bitcoin at its other places I think. This was the…
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$119 (USD) Sapphire Radeon R7 260x Amazon Gold Box Deal (20% off, 10 left)

Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/DVI-I/DP OC Version PCI-Express Graphics Card 11222-06-20G ^Affiliate link (if you don't want the referral link you can google it or go to their goldbox page) For if you are mining litecoins or dogecoins, this could be used for more casual mining (like gaming then mining on the side) or the 6x card rigs. The r7 260x is pretty much the 7790 dialed up slightly, so you would be seeing about 255 hash rates give or take. In usd terms, if you…
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Move over Mines of Moria, here are the Mines of ASICs

And it's popping up on mainstream media (I supposed at some point there will be ASICs for Litecoin mining too) Journey through Hong Kong, the States and Iceland WSJ CNN The Hong Kong Facility #msg3709913 also hongwong WSJ For Virtual Prospectors, Life in the Bitcoin Mines Gets Real Temperatures, Electric Bills Rise as Enthusiasts Hunt for Web Currency Email Print Save ↓ More 21 Comments Facebook Twitter LinkedIn smaller Larger By Joe Light connect Updated Sept. 19, 2013 10:39 ET Aubrey McIntosh has taken up mining in his…
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Litecoin Rig Building 101 Singapore, Asia (Litecoineer)

Was making a new site at Update: Seems that Sim Lim is out of 7950s and 7970s, although you may find one hidden here and there With the recent run up in Litecoin to match with its previous rate with bitcoin before bitcoin's very rapid recent ascent, it has become once again very feasible to mine litecoins on scrypt with top end graphics cards. This goes to for the other scrypt coins such as bbqcoin as the general cryptocoins competitions have been buoyed by bitcoin's increasing publicity. SHA256…
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