So you want to mine dogecoins

Maybe you've seen the Dogecar in action and you're wondering how to join the dogetipping fun? You could obtain some by joining dogetips giveaways, buy some from exchanges, or start mining your own! This could be an option if you already have a gaming graphics card on your desktop, or you have space for one, or want to buy an ASIC miner. a) If you want to mine dogecoins, there are a few options: 1) Get a graphics card Popular options are: Nvidia 750ti, ATI Radeon 270, 280x…
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What is Bitcoin in Doodles

Transcript What is bitcoin? it is an electronic ledger not unlike paypal or visa, but without the red tape and bureaucracy. Just like how the internet allowed for email and instantaneous worldwide communication instead of using ships and pigeons, bitcoin allows value to be transferred instantaneously around the world it is a currency without any country, a form of money with wings numbers in the ledger is created and maintained through the process of mining, where computers around the world race to solve complicated equations to verify transactions…
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Coindesk (Charmed by Dogecoins) takes Grid Seed G-Blade scrypt ASICs for a spin, mines 100,000 dogecoins in a week

Note that the cost per hash ratio isn't too far from existing graphics cards. As to whether power savings are worth it, you will have to look at phaseouts as more power graphics cards (pirate island and maxwell generations) enter the market along with the next line of scrypt ASICs. But it's great to see Coindesk charmed by dogecoins and mining it My suggestion is dogetips or dogecar! We got our hands on a Gridseed G-Blade miner, one of the first scrypt miners in the market to use…
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How Singapore’s Bitcoin Scene is Punching Above its weight

Singapore is a tiny island state in Asia, a mix of the east and west, but has been making waves in the Bitcoin world. 1) It has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs in the world There are 8 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore from 4 different makers (2 of which are from Singapore), and they are all located around the central region. It boasts Asia's first Bitcoin ATM, as well as Asia's first Robocoin (2 way machine with cashing out). This has even led tourists from Czech republic…
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Asus and Nvidia use Virtual Currency (Games) to Promote their Cards, Will they use Cryptocurrencies in the future?

Saw this gem in my email They are offering up to $100 worth of virtual currencies (game currencies in HoN and Path of Exile) to promote their GTX 750 and 650 North America gets $150 $150 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 3050 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points (worth $50) 5200 Kredits (worth $50) Sea Gets $100 $100 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 5000 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points…
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Indian smuggles 12 bars of gold from Singapore, Surgeon mined gold from his stomach: BBC

This takes mining to new levels, or does it Twelve bars of gold have been recovered from the stomach of a businessman in the Indian capital, Delhi, a surgeon treating him has said. The 63-year-old man was admitted to hospital after complaining of vomiting and difficulty defecating. Doctors, who performed the operation on 9 April, told the BBC that police and customs authorities had questioned the businessman and confiscated the gold. India, the world's largest consumer of gold, has seen a record rise in smuggling after a rise…
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Bitcoin Mining resembles Gold Mining in lean times? Bloomberg on Bitcoin ASICs, Zerohedge follows, gets AMD right, Litecoin Wrong, veers on newsweeky

Zerohedge got the AMD cards correct, but of course they may soon be surpassed by the Maxwell before pirate islands come around again, passing the "buck" of mining. (Bloomberg has previously confused the two, as well as newegg) They've made a fundamental mistake however, in having no basic understanding of scrypt and sha256. Bitcoin ASIC miners cannot be used for mining Litecoins. It makes the subsequent leap of logic almost as "newsweeky". Even granting the assumption, and giving him/her magic mining machines, it would be moving your Caterpillar…
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MSI, Bitcoin, Dogecoin Xidax

MSI drew some rage from the bitcoin reddit ;set=;type=1&theater when they asked "Should MSI accept bitcoin payments?" Dogecoin gets in And the Xidax that is mentioned (and you might not be able to access from server overload) Turn those Bitcoins into PC parts Ever heard of Xidax? The custom PC company made headlines last year when it debuted onto the scene as the first in the industry to offer a lifetime parts and labor guarantee on all desktop systems. Further proof that Xidax isn't afraid to be a…
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Will nVidia’s Maxwell and ATI’s Pirate Islands make Scryptcoins ASICs proof once and for all? (litecoins and dogecoins) And optimize green energy

The State of the Mine The recent nVidia maxwell 750ti has been making waves since its launch in the cryptocoin mining scene for its impressive power efficiency and compact size. It far outstrips the existing r9 series ATI cards in power efficiency, and almost doubles the gold standard of scryptcoin mining the ATI radeon 7950 (since discontinued, but to be revived). The current graphic cards contenders are r9 290/290x (the hashmonster), r9 280x (a rebrand of 7970) from the ATI side, but we have yet to see the…
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Bitcoin and Financial Entities

Generates $300,000 Monthly Revenue The online wallet website makes about $300,000 each month, according to Roger Ver, who is speaking at the Bitcoin Miami conference 2014. These figures have been confirmed by the @Blockchain twitter account. They make these profits mostly from advertisements on their website, which hosts an online wallet, and a very advanced block explorer. These Angel Investors Want to Make Bitcoin 'Sexy' for Average People January 24, 2014 1:30 PM At the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, Calif., last May, Michael Terpin noticed something…
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