League of Legends World Championships Group Stages Singapore, Kabum!

Quite the world tour for the LoL championships, starting in taiwan and routing to singapore, before flying to korea's busan and then seoul for the finale. Singapore's tickets were $25, $45 and $65 with an extra $3 for online booking. The $25 were actually pretty sweet but had very little seats and sold out fast. $65 gets you two random posters. Everyone had a special skins card, SKT or TPA theme. You can sell SKT for about $25-$30 which means the cheap tickets actually pay for themselves. TPA…
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LOL Players can have athletic scholarship to US college Illinois

Another step for e-sports! Interested students should contact Kurt Melcher at RMU Becomes First University to Offer Gaming Scholarships With the Addition of eSports to Varsity Lineup League of Legends - Wed, Jun. 11, 2014 CHICAGO - Robert Morris University Illinois is pleased to announce the addition of an online sport to its athletic program.  Commonly referred to as eSports, the activity consists of organized video game competitions. Specifically, RMU students will compete in League of Legends, one of the largest and most popular eSport games.    Although eSports…
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China’s League of Legends University Training Center

Sohu 2 Chinese eSports outlet recently unveiled the training center, which is located in Shanghai's university district of Songjiang. There are about seven institutes of higher learning located in the area. That's no accident, because the training center plans to recruit applicants from the student population Obviously, as a blog ourselves, Games in Asia has nothing against blogs as media, but especially when it comes to China, English blogging often becomes a game of telephone, with each story more distorted than the last. So it is with this…
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Iceiceice takes Phoenix for a spin (New Bloom Festival): Burning should play this, reminds me of LoL

Iceiceice has fun on the new bloom festival hero Phoenix, dancing his way to some fun gameplay He skillfully pilots the phoenix, and towards the end go Burning should play this, and that it reminded him of the LoL hero phoenix. He streams here and there being back in Singapore for CNY: also comments natussincere 5 points 4 hours ago If this is his first time playing the hero I give up. permalink report give gold reply Don't hit the Supernova, it's fiiiineIAmBiased 3 points 3 hours ago…
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Gosugamers compares LoL to Dota 2 in China Lan Cafes

Apparently, 30 times as many people play LoL than Dota 2 in Lan centers, but dota 2 players play about two matches and LoL mostly one. Dota 2 is rather new in China (perfect world server), dota 1 is still played, and maybe people prefer playing Dota 2 at home? (Because of higher system requirements??) Dota 2 players in China: the WarCraft III map was downloaded over 50 million times from Chinese sources alone, making it one of the most popular games there. has analysed some statistics on MOBA…
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League of Legend RIOT guy dogetips LoL reddit

Dogecoin LoL I am not the only doge lover at Riot. Perhaps. Perhaps. If the tech magically appears, who maybe they'd go for it. Then again, this is complete and utter speculation that it would ever be possible and probably wouldn't be something to bank on that it'd ever get released, but it seems like it would be fun to implement even so. CapoFerro (NA) 416 points 1 day ago +/u/dogetipbot 100 doge verify Tytytytyty permalink parent report give gold reply a_curious_doge 118 points 1 day ago You…
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Hyhy leaves LoL (league) for new reformed Scythe.Sg (Zenith)

Looks like Hyhy is back in dota. And Zenith is back, sort of. New Singaporean team formed, hyhy back to competitive Dota Posted by Ren "" Vitug 2 days, 13 hours ago xFreedom, KS, hyhy, SCripted, Meracle, Poloson Hyhy makes his way back into competitive Dota as he joins Meracle and xFreedom to form a team with a very familiar name. Poloson, KS and Scripted will round up the six-man team of Those three players exited the team rather abruptly. Galvin 'Meracle' Kang exited the team after a surprising…
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LoL pro Gamer Cosplay

via kotaku (thanks j) League of Legends Cosplay Is Best Done By Pro Players The League of Legends division of Korean pro team CJ Entus chose quite an interesting way to greet the new year. Instead of doing montage videos, they have dressed up two of their pros, Madlife and Flame, as League characters Blitzcrank and Ezreal. Here's more pictures of Madlife's super-buff "definitely not Blitzcrank" cosplay: 1 And here's CJ Entus' Flame, dressed up as Ezreal: CJ Entus To contact the author of this post, write to:
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New Tencent Lawyers’ first task: Play some games

In an interesting interview with Tencent's General Counsel Brent Irvin, The Lawyer (in Chatty Man) reveals that: For junior lawyers this means doing their duty can be fun. Irvin points out that as part of the training programme new staff members spend days just playing the online video games developed or distributed by the company. That is to say, as I read it, a new lawyer joining Tencent will first undergo a training programme that will involve playing their online video games. Since Tencent owns riot, very possibly…
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