Huobi’s Litecoin Launch Approaches

Litecoin out on Huobi! Litecoin is at $17+ as people try to price it in We should see it drop at 19th March We've previously seem them shipping in servers and testing Chinese Exchange Huobi to Commence Trading Litecoin Jon Southurst (@southtopia) | Published on March 12, 2014 at 15:31 GMT | Altcoins, Companies, Exchanges, Litecoin China’s busiest bitcoin exchange, Huobi, has announced it will start trading litecoin on 19th March, however, the company’s users can begin uploading litecoins to their accounts starting today. Huobi is said to be…
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The Doge Report: Early Mar

1) New charitable cause Bring water to Kenya, via Dogecoins Dogecoin will be trying to build 2 drilling wells in Kenya, and provide access and tools to water. 2) Hearthstone so Doge 3) PC Gamer Mentioned twice in a review of the Xidax M6 Mining Rig. (it's an open secret that many gamers use mining as a way to subsidize a higher initial outlay of higher end graphics cards ;P)
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Will nVidia’s Maxwell and ATI’s Pirate Islands make Scryptcoins ASICs proof once and for all? (litecoins and dogecoins) And optimize green energy

The State of the Mine The recent nVidia maxwell 750ti has been making waves since its launch in the cryptocoin mining scene for its impressive power efficiency and compact size. It far outstrips the existing r9 series ATI cards in power efficiency, and almost doubles the gold standard of scryptcoin mining the ATI radeon 7950 (since discontinued, but to be revived). The current graphic cards contenders are r9 290/290x (the hashmonster), r9 280x (a rebrand of 7970) from the ATI side, but we have yet to see the…
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Huobi’s rumblings of Litecoin Excitement (following btcchina)

Litecoin out on Huobi! allanfreegate 3 points 1 day ago 7th is what everyone is saying . MOON 动真的!在为上线LTC做准备呢 is finishing A round of financing ( possibly related to the Litecoin launch) () submitted 1 hour ago by Litecoin-MTL 比特币交易所火币网即将完成千万美元级A轮融资,年内将进军海外市场 Huobi is about to finish Series A funding at a few 10 millions USD, to expand overseas within the year 全球市场份额最大的比特币交易所火币网近日透露,千万美元级的A轮融资已经基本敲定,投资方暂不披露。火币网去年9月上线,11月底获得戴志康、徐小平的天使投资,一直坚持不收手续费的策略,越做越大,目前比特币交易成交量在全球市场排第一。 Unknown investors 火币的创始人李林是一位清华毕业的连续创业者,从甲骨文出来后做过SNS和团购,后来做了火币,另一位联合创始人杜均也是技术出身,之前在腾讯负责 Discuz!X的产品业务。火币今年还会抓紧扩张海外市场,的倒下留出了一片市场空白,是个不错的机会。新币种交易也会近日推出,选的莱特 币。至于其他商家支付领域,受国内政策限制,火币暂不涉足。 Huobi's founder Li Lin graduated from TsingHua, serial entrepreneur. Co founder Du Jun was from Tencent. They see Mtgox collapse as great…
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Japan to Treat Bitcoin like Gold? Mizuho found MtGox unmanageable

Rakuten and bitcoin But Hiroshi Mikitani, a prominent Japanese e-commerce billionaire and CEO of Rakuten Inc, expressed caution about trying to regulate the virtual currency. "They should not act hastily," he said, according to Kyodo News. "As for whether we need regulations, they should first examine the situation a bit more and discuss it in depth." Following the collapse of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, Japanese regulators are laying down the law -- and considering treating the digital currency in the same manner as gold. According to Reuters, the…
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Litecoin peercoin NXT Dogecoin Bummed by Bitcoin? Check out these cryptocurrency alternatives By Terence Ng There is more to cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. e27 brings you a guide to four most popular alternatives, and how they stack up to each other Litecoin (LTC) Touted as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. Founded in 2011 by former Google employee Charles Lee, there are approximately US$410 million worth of Litecoins circulating around the world. Since November 2013, the volatility of Litecoin has mirrored that…
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Nvidia could be decimated by the Cryptocoin mining race, re: Motley Fool much fool, AMD Could Be Devastated by the Bitcoin Craze

Nvidia as mentioned here, has the 750ti that is almost a 7th of an ASICs with their new power consumptions. Anyone who doesn't have free power will definitely be tempted by the power savings, tempered by the wait for the high end maxwell numbers. Similar points have already been raised in numerous places regarding the "ATI curse of success". This article is also pretty late to the party, due to the maxwell chips Thus we can pretty much flip the firms Short-term gain, long-term pain The craze around…
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Mining Chasis Dopamine on Indiegogo, too bad indiegogo doesn’t accept bitcoins or litecoins

Someone is trying to crowdfund a casing for multiple cards It has currently reached 14k out of 20k target on indiegogo A pity indiegogo doesn't accept bitcoins or other cryptocoins as a funding source. It isn't the only one however, as kickstarter also does not accept cryptocoins.   Who is Red Harbinger? We are a veteran owned and operated group of guys from all over the world who are very passionate about breaking the limits of what is currently offered in the computer case market.  Most people who…
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Nvidia challenges ATI in cryptocoin mining with 750ti, may take on ATI’s curse of success as people mine over titanfall, reduces ASICs edge from 14x to 7x, may be 3x-4x more power efficient than existing gfx cards

Nvidia has unveiled its GTX 750 ti, its budget graphics card at $149 that is supposed to play Titanfall better than the Xbox One. But this card is making waves for cryptocoin miners not because of its Titanfall gaming capabilities, but because it should be able to reach 300 kh/s at a wattage draw of 60w. Assuming the numbers hold, this makes it the best graphics card by power efficiency to mine litecoins and dogecoins at the moment (scryptcoins) and also the other ASIC proof encryption algorithms (…
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Cryptocoin Retrospective

Bitcoin v Bank Bitcoin: New Yorker Business Insider (note, I think this writer has confused money for currency) What The Rise Of Bitcoin Teaches Us About Money Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism Apr. 1, 2013, 5:14 AM One of the more interesting developments of the modern electronic age of money has been the rise of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital form of money.  If you’re not familiar with it or you’re confused by what Bitcoin is, you’re not alone.  It’s a fairly new, innovative and complex form of money.  And…
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