Coindesk (Charmed by Dogecoins) takes Grid Seed G-Blade scrypt ASICs for a spin, mines 100,000 dogecoins in a week

Note that the cost per hash ratio isn't too far from existing graphics cards. As to whether power savings are worth it, you will have to look at phaseouts as more power graphics cards (pirate island and maxwell generations) enter the market along with the next line of scrypt ASICs. But it's great to see Coindesk charmed by dogecoins and mining it My suggestion is dogetips or dogecar! We got our hands on a Gridseed G-Blade miner, one of the first scrypt miners in the market to use…
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How Singapore’s Bitcoin Scene is Punching Above its weight

Singapore is a tiny island state in Asia, a mix of the east and west, but has been making waves in the Bitcoin world. 1) It has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs in the world There are 8 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore from 4 different makers (2 of which are from Singapore), and they are all located around the central region. It boasts Asia's first Bitcoin ATM, as well as Asia's first Robocoin (2 way machine with cashing out). This has even led tourists from Czech republic…
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Asus and Nvidia use Virtual Currency (Games) to Promote their Cards, Will they use Cryptocurrencies in the future?

Saw this gem in my email They are offering up to $100 worth of virtual currencies (game currencies in HoN and Path of Exile) to promote their GTX 750 and 650 North America gets $150 $150 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 3050 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points (worth $50) 5200 Kredits (worth $50) Sea Gets $100 $100 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 5000 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points…
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CoinGecko launches world’s first non market cap Coin Ranking System

Coingecko has launched an innovative Rankings system (perhaps even a ratings system) for the myriad of cryptocoins out there in the market today. Instead of going by market cap, they have developed their proprietary ranking algorithm focusing on Developers, Community and Liquidity. This is definitely a different take from the usual market cap sites, which are still important. Taking a different tack of development and community may well prove helpful. It looks to be a healthy development of how people come to view cryptocurrencies! What you may find…
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Asian Bitcoin exuberance sends price skyrocketing 50% from $339 lows, as China’s deadline passes with new bitcoin ATM launches

On Asian time, the working day has ended with Bitcoin exchanges seeming to have survived once more to fight another day. It has been a regular roller coaster for bitcoin on China news. Undaunted, Btcchina has launched its physical atm lamassu and virtual atm picasso. Relieved people probably plowed back in, but one should be careful not to put any more than they can afford to lose (David at CNBC). WSJ Bitbeat has also picked up on April 15. Bitcoin prices continue to recover from the China-induced selloff.…
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Gocoin raises 1.5million in series A, investors include former Facebook COO Owen Van Natta

Gocoin is the Singapore-Canadian payment processor that also takes litecoin and dogecoin, and has linked up with kncminers March 26, 2014 09:10 ET GoCoin Closes $ Million Series A Funding for Digital Currency Payment Processing   Investment Led by Bitcoin Shop and Former Facebook COO, Owen Van Natta   SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Mar 26, 2014) - GoCoin, the first international payment platform for digital currencies, today announced it has closed a $ million Series A equity financing led by Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) and former Facebook COO, Owen…
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Secret kncminer scrypt asics revealed, preorders flies off shelves, rakes $2million

Kncminer has finally revealed their pocket aces. It remains to be seen if they can catch up with the GPU mining v ASIC race by the time it reaches the hands of retail (that is to say after the period "testing" machines) They also plan to be taking litecoins at some point in the future via Gocoin, so that should get people excited too! KnCMiner Sells $2 Million Worth Of Scrypt Mining Machines In Four Hours KnCMiner, one of the few cryptocurrency miner companies that tend to ship…
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OKcoin raises $10m, claims largest trading volume

Imaginary Markets has previously met an OKcoin investor in Singapore before (bitcoin meetup). They had then expressed interest in possible expansion to Singapore. Singapore of course has quite a bit of Bitcoin activity, and also quite a bit of existing exchanges and now ATMs. They were one of the first exchanges to take litecoin, and now huobi and btcchina has followed that. The top 3 bitcoin exchanges in china are now also litecoin exchanges. Should be quite the competition tg989 9 points 2 days ago They're apparently doing…
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Btcchina now has btc-ltc conversion, Drops fees to free to match Huobi

Litecoin out on Huobi! Dear Customers, On March 4th, BTC China welcomed a new member – Litecoin, which quickly gained in popularity. And today, we would like to share some exciting news with you: 1. Added a brand new trading method: Using BTC to buy/sell LTC. Now you can: Use Bitcoins to buy Litecoins Sell Litecoins to get Bitcoins All transactions are calculated by Bitcoins Advantages: One-stop service for all trading Funding BTC has never been easier Overseas customers can trade on our platform without having to open…
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Litecoin Excitement grows on Coinbase and Bitstamp

Litecoin out on Huobi! Coinbase has previously said they would take litecoins should mtgox accept it Now that mtgox has become obsolete, the helm of the western exchange falls next to bitstamp, although some might argue that huobi as the largest exchange in the world has Game of Thrones that. The pressure is definitely on onto coinbase and bitstamp, with competitors snapping at their heels, ANX of HK takes Litecoins and Dogecoins, BTCChina has taken Litecoins, Huobi will be integrating litecoins, payment processor in Singapore Gocoin takes litecoins…
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