Josh on 2.05, 2.1, seasons, tiered rifts, datamined unlisted legendary, seasons gear?

Teams been focused on rifts and seasons are coming along nicely, expect a spike of activity when they hit PTR — ReaperOfToasts (@joshmosq) May 8, 2014 It's not in English and i've never heard of the site so a bit tricky to determine the authenticity, maybe others are aware of this? Post on the US D3 forums: Links to individual legendaries: Nice find! Too bad many of those don't have stats yet. Here are the few ones which have stats, for your convenience: Sorrowful Countenance - Level 12…
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Diablofans add horadric cache sharing to kadala sharing, resplendent chest locations

Horadric Caches Loot Summary - Share Your Drops Much like with our Gambling Drop Rate Summary, we're going to try to summarize the drops from Horadric Caches, so that it becomes a bit more obvious how much completing Bounties is worth it. Go to the topic in our forums and share what your luck brought you! List of Guaranteed Resplendent Chest Locations Vizuzu made a list of the locations that have guaranteed Resplendent chests and showed how they are easily farmed in a video. If you believe in the higher…
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Elemental Skill Shuffling, Orbs and Mojos to be buffed, Battlenet Gift Card

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! With maintenance still ongoing, here are some changes that will probably roll around in at some point: #50     Posted by soci WW is not imo a huge issue but the fact that lightning/cold/non-fire builds all perform poorly and aren't really good compared with fire. This is actually a topic I've been meaning to post on for a while, but hadn't found a good opportunity yet. Now's as good a time as any, I suppose! When we did…
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Rift Leg Buffs from 25% to 100%, Kadala improved, certain legs re-added to game, further chest nerfs, uniques (purple) nerfs

Good Huntings, may the legs be ever in your favor Summary: Rift buffs from +25% to 100%, Kadala buffed to be "exciting" (I've never ever gotten a kadala leg yet) Purple nerfs loot table reduction, so manglemaw, sk, razorclaw etc Chest nerfs, chest spawns reduced across board so no more act v eternal battlefields abandoned siege camp etc Travis Day Game Designer Edit: These hotfixes are now live in the Americas and Europe. They will be deployed to ANZ at approximately 5:00 PT and to Asia at approximately…
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