Coffee Sedona at Coex Mall in Seoul (Bitcoin Korea)

Letuslook went to the bitcoin taking Coffee Sedona at the Coex Mall in Korea's Seoul Coinplug is famous for being funded for quite a bit for korea, by silicon valley. Coffee Sedona should also be where the korea 2 way atm is at. You can see more photos at his site Paying with Bitcoins is becoming more and more accepted world wide and today I visited the Coffee Sedona in the Coex Mall complex in Seoul. Coffee Sedona is one of the better coffee shops in Seoul and…
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Bitcoin Startup Investments

(korea, bitcoin and games at the bottom, with coinplug's plans) Coindesk is looking for $300m venture investment into the bitcoin startup ecosystem this year UPDATE (2nd April, 11:15 GMT): In addition to the companies listed below, sales portal BitSimple has raised $600,000 in a bitcoin-only seed round. ___________________________________________________________ This article summarizes some of the new State of Bitcoin 2014 data and analysis on venture capital investment presented at last week’s Coinsummit conference in San Francisco. Several significant venture capital investments in bitcoin startups have been announced in recent…
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Korea gets First Bitcoin ATM!

;logNo=30186566200 It is located in "COEX Convention Center at an underground coffee shop in Seoul’s Samsung neighborhood", South Korea. Looks like a custom model, perhaps korean made? This is pretty cool, along with all the other bitcoin in korea stuff RubenSomsen 2 points 1 hour ago The ATM can be located in a cafe called Coffee Sedona, in the 2nd basement floor of the COEX Mall. To get there, simply take the subway to Samseong Station (삼성역) and you're there. kozazacom 1 point 5 hours ago Here's the…
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Korea Bitcoin Exchange KorBit gets $400000 from Silicon Valley, hits China news coverage, In other news 20 million Korean bank users data leaked | Korbit收到硅谷风投公司40万美元

Korea looks to be hitting up in the bitcoin scene, and looks to be going one step up from Bitcoins at Korea's Paris Baguette bakery, Gangnam salon and rental. The Verge reports that KorBit has taken $400k in funding from silicon valley investors, and more importantly, is also Government Backed. This may indicate Korea has come a full reversal from their initial reticence in dealing with bitcoins to embracing it. (Similar to the Singapore Bitcoin Story? Singapore bitcoin related startups such as gocoin and itbit have been privy…
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Bitcoin Korea

Looks like in Korea, Seoul has the highest density of places taking Bitcoins, with Gangnam having quite a bit. Gangnam: Rental Hair Salon Incheon Dong Paris Baguette (Hey I think there's a few of this franchise in Singapore too! 1, 2, and one in tampines too I think) (it went to WSJ, cryptocoinnews and china news) Apparently, a facebook post has "a statement from Korea’s National Tax Service stating that Koreans will not be taxed for capital gains on bitcoin for the time being" (compare this with Singapore's…
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LoL pro Gamer Cosplay

via kotaku (thanks j) League of Legends Cosplay Is Best Done By Pro Players The League of Legends division of Korean pro team CJ Entus chose quite an interesting way to greet the new year. Instead of doing montage videos, they have dressed up two of their pros, Madlife and Flame, as League characters Blitzcrank and Ezreal. Here's more pictures of Madlife's super-buff "definitely not Blitzcrank" cosplay: 1 And here's CJ Entus' Flame, dressed up as Ezreal: CJ Entus To contact the author of this post, write to:
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Girl’s Generation and Blade and Soul

Girl's Generation are endorsing Blade and Soul for its release in China (under Tencent, where lawyers play games). The Litecoin Rig previously took Blade & Soul for a spin. The commercial The Performance The Talk and performance This isn't the only time Korean Stars/Kpop Idols have linked up with games, with A Pink performing at G Star 2013 as well as GSL Starcraft II previously!
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Playing Blade and Soul (China) on the Litecoin Rig

Girl's generation are a popular kpop group from korea, and they are endorsing Blade & Soul (also from Korea), that Tencent is bringing in to China and other markets. Republished from Litecoineer: Playing Blade and Soul (China) on the Litecoin Rig As you know, the twin 7950s that are now pretty much sold out are pretty good gaming equipment graphics cards. Would be a waste not to take it out for a test run. I dipped into a bit of Bioshock Infinite and Sonic Racing, but I heard…
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APink performing at G-Star 2013 Busan Korea Bexco

I think A Pink was the only kpop group at the Bexco Korean Games Expo GStar 2013, which you might recall for the Dota cosplay. The uploader also has other fancams of the event You can find more photos of Apink at G star 2013 at All-Apink They've also previously performed at the GSL (Starcraft 2) as well as cheering on the players (like NesTea)
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Dota 2 Cosplay Korean Lina Crystal Maiden Cosplay Windrunner Spiral Cats (updated) Busan Games Bexco

China's dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4 There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore's ACG 2013/Asia 2013 Other highlights at G Star 2013 include kpop group Apink's performance Updated with two videos from the comments Crystal Maiden's name is Lee Hyo Young, also a model (이효영 if you want to search)   Lina and Crystal Maiden seems to be models. They are joined by others who are from Spiral Cats. Lina's name is Choi Seul Ki (최슬기) (updated with part 2 from the site) Found…
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