Reddit has updated Diablo 3 Loot droprates and Kadala shard rates

It's an update from the previous datamine Updated Legendary Drop Rates & BloodShard prices for () submitted 1 month ago by Linkitch Finally done with the update, took awhile this time around. A lot of new items, so I might have made a few errors, if you find any please let me know. The spreadsheet can be found here. Or as an Excel download here. Navigate it via. the tabs at the bottom or top. Any suggestions or possible errors, please point them out here or PM me.…
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Diablofans add horadric cache sharing to kadala sharing, resplendent chest locations

Horadric Caches Loot Summary - Share Your Drops Much like with our Gambling Drop Rate Summary, we're going to try to summarize the drops from Horadric Caches, so that it becomes a bit more obvious how much completing Bounties is worth it. Go to the topic in our forums and share what your luck brought you! List of Guaranteed Resplendent Chest Locations Vizuzu made a list of the locations that have guaranteed Resplendent chests and showed how they are easily farmed in a video. If you believe in the higher…
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Blizz Blue Breaks down Kadala Gambling Legendaries

Want to see the top 10 most expensive game items? #45 Nevalistis Community Manager 04/21/2014 04:35 PMPosted by Snoofo So she can give out the "cache only" legendarys too? Or did you forget to add that with class-specific set items? Ah, no she cannot! Good catch. If an item is cache-only, that's the only place it can be obtained from (such as Ring of Royal Grandeur). 04/22/2014 12:47 AMPosted by Phantom Any news on weapon categories being added like wands, 1h swords, daggers, 1h x-bow, etc? Kadala's decided…
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Starfish Uberlewtz: Rerolled Kadala’s Fiery Magefist, Sankis dropped, Such Firepower

So Kadala was nice enough to drop a Magefist for me, and unlike adventurer caches, it's not a strength roll! Although the IAS rolled low, and the critical hit damage isn't max, it's still good enough for me! The Chance to Deal area damage can be rerolled into critical hit chance. So basically before elemental juggling/reshuffling, or having to spec out of fire, magefist becomes a BIS for fire builds due to the effective 5 prop (if you can get the base rolls!) Alternatives are say shrine gloves…
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By Kadala’s Will, Serpent Sparker

Update: Serpent Sparker in action (rolled 10% damage into it, waiting for patch buff) Relatively Picturesque I guess! Did a rift on t2, had 2 legendaries, bought from Kadala and got another two legendaries. Then it dried up after that lol Still waiting for Kadala to drop a Wand of Woh, or a Shard of Hate! Not sure what build for an extra Hydra, but it will at least remain disenchanted for a day where blizzard changes the FOTM (flavor of the month) to hydra. You can also…
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D3 RoS Coverage Compilation

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! Gearing General Trifecta v +elemental/skill Leg v Rare Adventure specific legs Rerolling Wizard Farming Legendaries Rifts and Kadala Starfish and Uberlewtz (legendaries in focus) Irontoe Mudsputters Mirrorball Conflagrate Wand of Woh Crafting To craft or not to craft Recipes and mats Bonus
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First Kadala Legendary, more rift runs, diablofans kadala stats

My first ever legendary from kadala, irontoe mudsputter boots. Got two legs in one rift, and a plan later in another   JustTryAnother View User Profile View Posts Send Message News Manager Join Date: 2/18/2014 Location: Sofia Posts: 19 0 Login to like this. You already know the rules from our previous thread but we're starting a new summary now that the hotfixes are live. Just in case, here's what's needed from you to share: Item Type: Number of Blues: Number of Rares: Number of Legendaries: This time I'll…
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Rift Leg Buffs from 25% to 100%, Kadala improved, certain legs re-added to game, further chest nerfs, uniques (purple) nerfs

Good Huntings, may the legs be ever in your favor Summary: Rift buffs from +25% to 100%, Kadala buffed to be "exciting" (I've never ever gotten a kadala leg yet) Purple nerfs loot table reduction, so manglemaw, sk, razorclaw etc Chest nerfs, chest spawns reduced across board so no more act v eternal battlefields abandoned siege camp etc Travis Day Game Designer Edit: These hotfixes are now live in the Americas and Europe. They will be deployed to ANZ at approximately 5:00 PT and to Asia at approximately…
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Torment Legendary drop rate Buffs, Kadala Legendary chance buffs

Do you play Hearthstone? There's a new amazon promotion! Update: Blizz blue on Kadala drop tables Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! UPDATE: Blizz has buffed Legs and Kadala even higher! Rift legs 25% to 100% Update 3/28 @ 5:20 PT: These hotfixes have been implemented and should now be live in all regions. Please note that you may need to restart your game in order for them to go into effect. ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey everyone, As a quick heads up, we have two buffs…
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