Allkeyshop and Imaginary Markets Giveaway! (Child Of Light Game)

We have an awesome giveaway for you! Win a Child Of Light Cd Key! Brought to you by Price Comparison Store and Allkeyshop prides itself on its exceptional service, providing the most competitive prices in the market. From Allkeyshop: We test and frequently continue to anonymously check CD key vendors that they present, to offer you a great quality of service and allow you to buy your PC games, Gamecard and Xbox products (Xbox points, Xbox live and Xbox games) with extreme confidence. What’s CD key? It's a…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on NHK! Bitcoin is Alive and Well in Singapore

You can see the video here at: Couldn't find an embed code. The news should have aired in China during evening primetime in a bitcoin world feature, this one is really quite positive on bitcoin compared to some of the other media coverage out there! Bitcoin is indeed Alive and Well in Singapore (pending future regulatory whirlwinds or "worldwinds" of course) It's a good worthwhile 4 minutes! The segment covered the prevalence of bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, as well as retailers taking the plunge into bitcoining, as well…
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Trying for 100k visits, ontrack if extrapolation sustained! (ICM)

100k has been the milestone for a while, and the target for next month. It seems like there is a chance that it might be hit this month however! 100k would put icm at double the speed of the benchmark for traffic growth. If that can be hit this week, that might make it 240% speed. The next milestone would be half a mil in the coming months. But this is of course all easier said than done! Almost at 75k (from both main site and youtube), which…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on Channel U Money Week for Bitcoin!

I was on Channel U's financial programme Money Week to talk about Bitcoins, as well as demonstrate its use! Tomas of introduced me, and I tried to explain Bitcoins in chinese. Too bad much of the important stuff I said about the groundbreaking breakthroughs of bitcoin got cut >_< (that's a photo of me with Jim Rogers in the background from a year back :D, it randomly made its way into the cuts) On the whole however, it was very balanced, instead of a negative media spin that…
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