Imaginary Markets: I’m on NHK! Bitcoin is Alive and Well in Singapore

You can see the video here at: Couldn't find an embed code. The news should have aired in China during evening primetime in a bitcoin world feature, this one is really quite positive on bitcoin compared to some of the other media coverage out there! Bitcoin is indeed Alive and Well in Singapore (pending future regulatory whirlwinds or "worldwinds" of course) It's a good worthwhile 4 minutes! The segment covered the prevalence of bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, as well as retailers taking the plunge into bitcoining, as well…
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Bloomberg Bitcoin Unicorn “unboxing” (Asia Edition)

This is a followup from the previous bloomberg bitcoin unicorn article, I managed to get one from the newsstand, but there wasn't any that took bitcoins in Singapore (yet). Or litecoins (gocoin). Would be cool if I could buy this for bitcoins. The article didnt answer its own question as it was more on the mining arms race, but flipping back to page 17 it certainly did: Less young people use banks. (This is the Asia edition)
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