Iceiceice interviews Burning, DK

quest_5692 87 points 5 hours ago* the only troll translation in the interview is 1) burning did not mention 'especially iceiceice', daryl added it himself thats why burning chuckled. 2) burning described iceiceice as 傻 silly/crazy. iceiceice translated it as PRO. the others are the same. 3) burning said EG is unpredictable and plays a variety of playstyle so its hard to research about them. he didn't mention circus. (however, the whole chinese scene (sgamers) did gave cloud 9 the circus nickname) thats all. burning did admit iceiceice…
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Free to play Live, Dota Movie, Fountain Hook Dendi Doll, Hyhy Doom, Jeremy Lin

Also has Jeremy Lin It opens with Hyhy who has since left dota for LoL but may be returning. Followed by Dendi and then Loomis. Free to Play Collector’s Pack March 18, 2014 - Dota Team Free to Play is almost here, so get your pre-load started and be ready the moment it’s out To commemorate the impending release of our much-anticipated Dota 2 documentary, special items are now available in the Dota store. These items were forged in creative partnership with several pro players and include: The…
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Iceiceice takes Phoenix for a spin (New Bloom Festival): Burning should play this, reminds me of LoL

Iceiceice has fun on the new bloom festival hero Phoenix, dancing his way to some fun gameplay He skillfully pilots the phoenix, and towards the end go Burning should play this, and that it reminded him of the LoL hero phoenix. He streams here and there being back in Singapore for CNY: also comments natussincere 5 points 4 hours ago If this is his first time playing the hero I give up. permalink report give gold reply Don't hit the Supernova, it's fiiiineIAmBiased 3 points 3 hours ago…
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Liquid Iceiceice Interview: Lucky to beat Alliance, that his English sucks for Singaporean, Loda has no hair in chinese, Hotbid v Iceiceice PingPong Showdown TI4

A pretty hilarious interview between hotbid and master troll iceiceice. Starts with friendly banter and iceiceice trolling, iceiceice is asked about shanghai and singapore (he prefers shanghai), about the matches (the use of wisp, flipping from west to east) to languages, iceiceice; for singapore my english is bad, before they swap to speaking in chinese. Iceiceice to hotbid: " (in chinese, they said that alliance was handsome especially akke and Loda has no hair, that's why he wears the hat) iceiceice: I didn't know you speak chinese, hotbid:…
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DK v Rattlesnakes WPC Ace League Playoffs Bo2

DK plays Rattlesnakes after Tongfu faced off against VG. DK is the hot favorite, and for good reason! DK has been undefeated so far, with tongfu losing to VG earlier.   Results Image: End of Game 1 Rattlesnake puts up a pretty good fight against DK in the second one, doing a few good team fights, but DK eventually pushed through with two lane continued pressure and siege. On DK, they went mass blinks and force staffs, quickly hitting 3 blinks and 2 forcestaffs. Rattlesnake manages to even…
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DK v IG WPC Ace League Bo2 2 Oct 2013

What a way to open October! The highly anticipated matchup between the two china teams DK and IG just took place! Both teams are the only ones to have not dropped a match in the league until today. --- Updated with Post Match Interview   They begun with how they got into gaming, with Burning having started early on (2008 debut), and going through the team. Mushi on China, he loves everything but isn't used to the food Iceiceice on China, he finds crossing the roads very dangerous,…
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