Hex TCG Auction House update

From the closed beta primer Closed Beta Primer Apr 24, 2014 Where’s the Auction House? This feature is currently in development and is a priority with our team. We’re committed to providing this as clearly players want to trade their cards, and the economy around HEX is a crucial part of the game. These types of features require a ton of testing because players need to feel safe and confident when using these features. So, our teams are busy making sure that our marketplace is bulletproof and we…
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Hex TCG Alpha: Shards of Fate

So just a bit after I had my Hearthstone beta key invite, I've just gotten my Hex TCG Alpha invite! (I kickstarted Hex previously) I was thinking of kicking up a few games but as the email itself warns: this round of invitations is also serving as a stress test so please do not be alarmed if you experience some instability over the next 48 hours. After spending a while trying to log in, the games against AI gets stuck. Not sure if there is some button I…
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Just Got Hearthstone Invite for Closed Beta (and impressions)

Update: another round of hearthstone beta key invites have been sent out! Update: You can get some free hearthstone keys in Singapore! Just when I was talking about vicariously Hearthstoning due to a lack of beta key, Blizzard started their next round of invites and one landed into my email! So naturally I took it out for a spin! Update: uploaded a video on csteo youtube, shows Hearthstone playing fine on a 2011 macbook air 11" Started with the installation process: Took the key in the email and…
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Vicariously Hearthstone (for those of us who don’t have the beta) through site resources

Update: another round of hearthstone beta key invites have been sent out! Update: Just got Hearthstone Invite For those of out there who don't have the key for Hearthstone (and have no intention of paying 40 to 60 bucks for a third party transaction beta key), but want to vicariously watch how Hearthstone is like there are a few ways to do so. The easiest way is probably to go twitch in their Hearthstone channels overview: You have quite a bit of streamers there to stream the game,…
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