Hearthstone Mobile Review

Playing Hearthstone on the mobile is an amazingly pleasant experience. I can see why Blizzard took the time to build a customized version out. It plays fluidly on the small screen, and you won't have to fumble around with your tablet on a long commute. It feels pretty good to play it on the small screen, and I do think hearthstone will pick up many new players due to this added accessibility. The game is about 1gb so download over wifi! It seems the client was shrunk from…
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Hearthstone Mobile Phone Out! iPhone and Android

It's finally out! And not a moment too soon. It's now available for the iphone and android mobile devices! You get a card pack for playing it once on iphone, and another for android phone Wonder if they will schedule a amazon hearthstone promo along with it. Hearthpwn has also datamined some details: This patch paves the way for Hearthstone on mobile by reducing the file size of the client download. Today, Hearthstone is almost 2GB in size on desktops The new patch it comes in at just…
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Hearthstone Iphone Mobile Versions a few months away

Mobile version and Blackrock is out! Update: Amazon has its limited time Hearthstone deal during Blackrock, get it while it lasts! From hearthpwn which has the shots from the PAX release, it looks like it will still take a "couple of months", which would bring it towards the end of the "early" 2015. It looks like it will take May or June at the earliest for you to play it on your iphone without apk signing or jailbreaking, or on the android mobile without rooting. Hearthstone Mobile is…
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Reddit’s QuickStart Guide to Hearthstone

(be sure to check out existing amazon hearthstone offers if you plan to buy stuff so you don't miss out on discounts) 3 parts: 1, original post, 2, discard list, 3, extras Attention: New players. How to create a viable deck when starting out, so you don't have to come here and complain 24/7 about your card base. () submitted 1 day ago * by _robhimself Tired of seeing posts of people complaining about being stuck at rank 25 because "The game is too steep for beginners", people…
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Krups Budget GvG Zoo (ZooLock)

The core of this deck is enhance o tron at 400 dust, and looks to be one of the cheaper GvG decks coming out with the other parts being replaceable. You may have some difficulty if you do not have naxx 4 undertaker, but you would still have access to two synergies, you can swap it around to focus on that. If you intend to buy some ingame purchases, you might want to check out the prevailing Amazon Hearthstone Offers Warlock Cards Name Type Cost Atk HP Flame…
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Amaz amazed with Fel Reaver steal (Hearthstone)

Have you gotten your amazon coins for hearthstone promotion yet? ;feature= The first comment in youtube: JustAMuffinLover Fel Reaver: Screwing everyone over since The Burning Crusade! In all seriousness, I don't get why anyone would play this card? It's basically a "Please mill the hell out of me" invitation, unless you can immediately silence it. It's basically an all-in card in case you don't have that silence at hand. :/ The good old burning crusade days, when the Fel Reaver stomped around!  He would walk around and randomly…
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Hearthstone Amazon Coin goes Official!

Update/Warning: looks like Amazon changed the promotion because it was too good, now it's 30% off coins and 10% coinback, a blow from 20% off coins and 50% coinback, Germany and certain other regions may still have the superior old promotion however! It still remains a good deal, just not the incredible one With the new changes, one way would be to stock up on amazon coins with the discount (if you have $40 or $70 to spare) and perhaps wait and see if they revert to a…
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Blizzard Hearthstone Joins Apple store in Rouble repricing

Aratil Community Manager Posts: 563 Due to recent economic factors related to the value of the ruble that are impacting our industry and others, we have adjusted ruble pricing for Hearthstone. We regularly review our pricing and services around the world to make sure we’re offering the best entertainment value for the price, and the current pricing change has been made with that goal still in mind. We will continue to monitor local market conditions and let everyone know should any further changes be planned. (This is the…
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Hearthstone on Phone (Android, Reddit noroot guide)

Mobile version and Blackrock is out! Update: Amazon is having a Hearthstone Promotion For those wanting to play on your phone, short of jailbreak/root or streaming, they have found a way: There are also other suggestions within the thread Update: Another one MUCH SIMPLER way to install HS on your android phone (One download & one install) () submitted 9 hours ago * by G30therm EDIT: If your country now has the app on your google play store, The app has now been released globally so you can…
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