Blizzard’s Winterveil Hearthstone Bundle

Blizzard's christmas promotion for hearthstone is an extra 10 packs for 40 packs at $ The prevailing Amazon promo is at 20% off for coins, no coinback! Winter Veil has just begun and it’s full of holiday treats! Speaking of treats, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a gift of your own! While the Winter Veil celebration is happening in Hearthstone from December 9th through January 6th, Greatfather Winter will offer 50 Classic Hearthstone packs for $ USD (Pricing may vary depending on region or device).…
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Amazon Coin 20% off back (Hearthstone)

The deal is back for a limited time. If you are not in a rush, you may consider buying with the 20% off and holding out for a 20% or 30% coinback like previous times. (It's only 10% this time) You can also consult the prior guide Current Deals is currently giving 10% Coins Back on all $ or more Card Pack purchases for Hearthstone. Offer available to customers in the US only. Customers must also be signed into the US Hearthstone servers. is currently offering up to…
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30 Unstable Portal Fun: Hearthstone Blackrock Class Challenge

After the 30 web spinners in the first hearthstone expansion that was naxx, blackrock brings out the 30 unstable portal madness! It's a rather crazy random summon of magical proportions! You get to play all the legendaries you won't have to pay a single cent for, though the 700 gold for the stage might take you a week to farm if you are going free to play. Having it on mobile really makes it more convenient to go for a round or too, especially since games are saved…
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F2P Hearthstone: First Legendary!

Been playing hearthstone on and off casually since the beta but always on a free 2 play basis. Finally got my first legendary off an arena pack! (Not the best legendary, but I will take what I can get!) This may one day be useful in a new variant of mill, but for now patron warrior has been the way! Cheap and affordable warrior instead of the old wallet warrior. For those who would rather spend money, there is of course the amazon method to make the most…
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Follower Upgrades

When followers hit level 100 they unlock item lvls much like your hero. If you don't have much time to play at the start, they can quickly outlevel you in both normal levels and ilvls until you have some time to catch up! And the Hearthstone upgrade that isn't really an upgrade but a replacement (it replaces a trait) Later on with a war mill in operation, you can churn garrison resources into new sets. You can also get 630, 615 armor sets or weapon sets from the…
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Hearthstone WoW

As one of the many easter eggs, hearthstone crosses over into Draenor with the hearthstone garrison mission. While the prize is pretty good, it does override traits. The opponents are all popular hearthstone decks, zoo, miracle (less so now) and control. The usual method is to throw onto the lowest level 90 and up follower with no useful traits. The associated meta text dealing with hearthstone is pretty funny
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Priest BM gets FoN

for those who hate it when anduin wrynn steals their deck this badmannered priest got a salty dose of medicine as an "ostrich sorcerer"   TheWWWorm 583 points 1 day ago Страус колдун is translated as Ostrich sorcerer btw. Shinenite 16 points 21 hours ago Straus kaldun is how you pronounce it.
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Watch and Learn is recurring quest, Blizz Catch up Method

Just got watch and learn again so it does seem like it is a recurring quest and that blizzard has heeded the reddit thread where someone had stressed the need for a way to acquire basic packs and suggested a rolling fill. This would be one way for new players to catch up, allowing them a way to gain faster access to basic packs, while keeping Arena to GvG only for now. That and perhaps blizzard is hoping people will pay money to hearthstone with the attractive amazon…
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