APink performing at G-Star 2013 Busan Korea Bexco

I think A Pink was the only kpop group at the Bexco Korean Games Expo GStar 2013, which you might recall for the Dota cosplay. The uploader also has other fancams of the event You can find more photos of Apink at G star 2013 at All-Apink They've also previously performed at the GSL (Starcraft 2) as well as cheering on the players (like NesTea)
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Dota 2 Cosplay Korean Lina Crystal Maiden Cosplay Windrunner Spiral Cats (updated) Busan Games Bexco

China's dota 2 cosplayers make an appearance at Ti4 There was Dota 2 Cosplay too at Singapore's ACG 2013/Asia 2013 Other highlights at G Star 2013 include kpop group Apink's performance Updated with two videos from the comments Crystal Maiden's name is Lee Hyo Young, also a model (이효영 if you want to search)   Lina and Crystal Maiden seems to be models. They are joined by others who are from Spiral Cats. Lina's name is Choi Seul Ki (최슬기) (updated with part 2 from the site) Found…
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