Zerohedge Bitcoin jobs, Forbes 30 under 30

The bitcoin execution trader that has been there before The San Francisco hedge fund is hiring a "Junior" position, which suggests they already have a "senior" trader who has got tired of trading the digital currency 24 hours a day and is looking to offload the 24x7x365 duties to a lower-level employee with "strong analytic skills" and who is "willing to work odd hours including weekends and late nights/early mornings." Fred Ehrsam, 25, Cofounder, Coinbase As Bitcoin gradually becomes a mainstream phenomenon, Coinbase is trying to make it…
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Forbes: 5 things to learn from Bitcoin, Innovation

A writer on Forbes on bitcoin and innovation: 4. Self-publishing an innovative paper on the Internet can have enormous impact. In the university environment, where I work, the assumption is often that the only worthy papers are those that have been through a peer review process, even when that means years of delay. In some fields—for example, medicine—peer review remains essential to protecting the public. But in many areas of technology, the delays involved in traditional academic publishing don’t confer any public safety benefit, and they often mean…
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The Doge Report: Dogecoin Nascar Excitement, Forbes Nod, Manchester Fundraising and Dogecoin San Fran Convention

The excitement is building up over the may 4th Nascar Dogecar! and perhaps 2 more races after that via sprint vote Be wary tho, some speculators may take the chance to do some shenanigans if there is huge media attention Don't buy what you can't afford to lose, and hang tight! (btw check out the meme: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR) Forbes nod Forbes have followed cryptos quite well gocoin gets a nod too (they take lite and doge) Mining sacrifices your computer’s computational processes to solve…
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Bitcoin in Financial News roundup, April Open

You (US govt) can't have your cake and eat it: property or money Forbes WSJ Bitcoin Price…to $1 Million? Seeking Alpha Blog A list of take-up (note, I think we are still far from the "tipping point", we are just at the start) Fortune CNN While he admitted that there might be institutional resistance to helping bitcoin succeed within banks that profit from the incumbent payments system, Silbert argued that the banks, "can't ignore anymore ... the conversation I'm having with banks is that believe that this is here…
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Forbes gives Krugman a good whipping (and shiller): You Don’t Need A Nobel Prize To Be Wrong About Bitcoin, But It Helps

Better still, the number of people holding any Bitcoins at all has soared from 350,000 to more than 2 million. The title is spectacular too: (note the difference between a banking "nobel" and the normal nobels too) You Don't Need A Nobel Prize To Be Wrong About Bitcoin, But It Helps The internet may have brought us unlimited sources of news and opinion, but the New York Times still has powers that few of the new generation can muster. Among those is the ability to claim two Nobel Prize-winning economists…
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Forbes picks up on the Mining Wars: Nvidia Is About To Steal The Cryptocurrency Mining Crown From AMD

(confer however with the ati curse mentioned earlier regarding the 750ti) and as my friend pointed out, with a high tier maxwell in the wings, it may be that the cost savings would not make up for capital switch costs til we have an idea of the maxwell high tier data. (But if you were already going for the 250 to 270 ATIs, then it may make sense to swap straight to the 750 ti now) It will be pretty impressive if the high end maxwell can even…
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Forbes breaksdown Overstock Bitcoin toplist

Forbes asked Overstock for their bitcoin list and they got it, so they shared with the rest What I can say, however, is this: The two lists don’t line up. Not at all. By that I mean the top, say, 15th item on the Bitcoin buyers list is shirts and the top 15th item for all Overstock shoppers is appliances. Sheets, for some reason was the top purchased item by Bitcoin buyers while area rugs was the top item for general buyers. And so on. There was some,…
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KnC Miner reported that it sold $25 million worth of the machines in just two weeks in December: Forbes

KnC Miner reported that it sold $25 million worth of the machines in just two weeks in December Well now, lol (still waiting for their scrypt miner) Brandon Gordon looks like he had quite a bit of cash to throw, his hands are in multiples of $10k it looks, wonder if its from code designing or from the first bitcoin rush into the 3 digits. “It’s not going to win any beauty awards. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being there first,” said Alexander Lawn, KnC Miner’s…
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Forbes: A $100 Worth Of Litecoin A Year Ago Is Worth $30,000 Today

I don't usually do disclosures, but for the sake of it, I do have litecoins, and I've recently gotten a mining rig (small addition). I must say that the great increase has greatly helped me in getting this site up and running, I might have had to throw in the towel earlier otherwise. I'm not a millionaire, I'm very very far from that, but like Charles Lee, ““I’m sure there are Litecoin millionaires out there,” says Lee, indicating he’s not one of them. I would have to say, they…
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Overstock Bitcoins up 6 months early (Forbes: locking 40 people in a room), has explosive start, makes it to China News and translation, Makes it to a very positive Zerohedge!

updated china news has it too ( bottom) updated with businessinsider: OVERSTOCK CEO: Amazon Will Be Forced To Start Accepting Bitcoin updated with zerohedge "This is absolutely huge news and any retail CEO worth their salt will immediately begin to look into Bitcoin adoption. I hope financial publications that missed the biggest financial story of 2013 continue to mock it with covers of unicorns and waterfalls. It’s the most bullish thing I can imagine." If you're wondering about the unicorns and waterfalls, its this bloomberg unicorn, although I…
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