Dota 2 New Bloom Festival, treasure of vermilion renewal, crimson parcels,

The 2015 Year Beast New Bloom! Year Beast buffed, bounty prices craters on nerfs(update valve unnerfed bounty) YEAR BEAST UPDATE!!! For more Year Beast stuff go here! Price Update Screencap via Steam Market The Bloom Harvest has gone down in price, but is still substantially higher. Remember to check the going prices at steam market and reddit so you won't get cheated and scammed by the sharks and lowballers at dota2lounge and reddit! Wow there's an amazing fanart by SchnellenTod of an ember crane set Lina and Phoenix…
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“Discounting” Steelseries Dota 2 Gaming Mouse Kana

Update: TI4 has a new dota mouse, with Hell's Glare item Want to learn more about dota 2 microplushies and lockless luckboxes? Republished from Bubbleweave Successful Sale of the Kantusa Script Sword in the Dota 2 Marketplace: So one of the promotional methods Valve has for Dota 2 is to sign up with makers of peripherals or even their own valve/steam store to offer promotional digital items alongside real products (or virtual products such as tournament access or compendiums). So you may know/heard of the Genuine Scythe of…
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